Flu Season Solutions

Flu season is upon us. According to the Center of Disease Control , the 2017-2018 flu vaccine includes 3 of the most concerning virus strains for the season. Healthcare workers and at risk patients line up yearly for their flu vaccinations. Many hospitals go as far as requiring the flu shot for all employees. What

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Inflammation Hormone Connection

Inflammation is activated by an array of insults such as injury and foreign invasion by viruses and bacteria. What is less expected is the imbalance of hormones which can contribute to increased inflammation. Several hormones play a key role in the increase and decrease of inflammation. When out of balance inflammation increases which contributes to

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The Superhuman Antioxidant

Ever take a bite of an apple, leave it out and return hours later? That luscious green apple you initially took a crisp bite of is now brown and mealy on the inside.  This is a classic example of OXIDATION. OXIDATION is defined as the loss of an electron. Seems fairly harmless right? Wrong. Take

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What the heck is Quercetin?

What the heck is Quercetin? Body wide pain, exhaustion, and brain-fog slowing you down? Perhaps your mitochondria needs some love. Patients at The Hormone Zone have been experiencing great health improvement with regular Intravenous (IV) Therapy. Here we explore one of our most popular IVs, Quercetin. To begin, let’s understand the function of our mitochondria.

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