Hormone Replacement Therapy

Comprehensive Hormone Balance is the Foundation of Health and Performance

One of the most effective ways to improve your health at any age is to ensure you have the optimal levels of hormones, and that those hormones are functioning at their best. Hormones are the body’s messengers, responsible for delivering vital and complex signals that orchestrate healing, recovery, regeneration, and performance. Without the right hormone balance, the body begins to break down at the cellular level and becomes more vulnerable to the effects of aging, inflammation, infection, and dysfunction.

Drs. John Robinson and Cristina Bosch of The Hormone Zone have been at the leading edge of longevity and wellness medicine, including hormone replacement therapy, long before it became a trend, providing elite concierge service and holistic comprehensive care to patients in the Valley. During that time, while other competitors have been trying to get on board, we’ve been perfecting our medical protocols and expanding our service offerings to provide you with the personalized, tailored treatment plans you deserve to live a healthy, exceptional life.

At The Hormone Zone, you won’t be shuffled around or stuck with a generic checklist. Instead, you’ll receive the latest in cutting-edge therapies, backed by in-depth data measurements, overseen directly by our board-certified physicians, and complemented by other services designed to maximize results. What’s more, our physicians work with you every step of the way to make sure the hormone replacement treatment you’re receiving is the right one for the best outcomes; if it’s not, we’ll pivot and adjust until we find the right one, because “good enough” simply isn’t.

The 5 Hormone Zones

There are 5 areas—or zones—of hormone imbalance.

1. Sex hormones. Estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone are the most common sex hormones and play key roles in sexual health, reproductive health, and cellular health for both men and women. Imbalances with any of these hormones can cause symptoms like fertility and menstrual problems in women, low libido and decreased sexual performance in men, and an increase the risk of certain cancers in both genders.

2. Thyroid hormone imbalance. The thyroid and the hormones it produces are essential in a plethora of bodily functions, especially in regulating metabolism. However, the thyroid is extremely sensitive to toxins, stress, and micronutrient depletion, resulting in overactivity or underactivity, and symptoms like fluctuating weight, mood, and energy levels and problems with the gastrointestinal system.

3. Adrenal. Cortisol is a stress or steroid hormone produced by the adrenal glands. Chronic and prolonged stress can affect how your body releases cortisol—either too much or too little—and lead to symptoms like fatigue, weight loss resistance and weight gain, and cravings for sugar, carbs, and caffeine. Adrenaline is another stress hormone that, if overproduced, can result in rapid heart rate, irritability, high blood pressure, anxiety, and irritability

4. Insulin imbalance. Produced by the pancreas, insulin is a hormone primarily responsible for converting sugar (or glucose) from the foods we eat into energy the body can use and for regulating blood sugar. Diabetes, prediabetes, and insulin resistance can occur when the body doesn’t correctly process or produce insulin.

5. Human growth hormone, or HGH. HGH helps boost metabolism; stimulates cell growth, regeneration, and reproduction; and supports growth and development. The pituitary gland produces HGH, but the production of this hormone slows as we age, resulting in reduced strength, energy, and motivation.

Unlike other practices which may focus on only one or two zones, The Hormone Zone embraces a comprehensive approach that addresses all zones of hormone imbalance for more complete therapy and better results. Our individualized treatment plans tackle all of your hormone imbalances simultaneously, and in a way that optimizes your body’s unique function.

Hormone Replacement Therapy to Treat Hormonal Imbalances

Hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, uses various methods to reintroduce hormones back into your body to help balance your levels and regulate your bodily functions. HRT can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions and their associated symptoms, such as:

  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Low testosterone
  • Menopause and pre- or perimenopause
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Decreased libido
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Low energy
  • Fluctuations in mood or weight

Methods of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Hormone Creams and Gels

that deliver hormones through the skin. Hormones delivered via creams or gels bypass the liver and go straight into the body, though their levels can be inconsistent.

Hormone Patches

Applied to the skin deliver a more consistent level of hormones directly into the body for three to four days and must be used twice a week, they can be inconsistent and and often cause adhesive allergies to the skin.

Oral Forms of Hormones

Boast high absorbability and the relative convenience of a daily pill. However, there can be significant variability in the hormone levels, even with an experienced physician.

Subcutaneous Hormone Injections

Allow for precise hormone control and simplicity and ease of administration.

Bioidentical Subcutaneous Hormone Pellets

Placed just under the skin, where the body absorbs the hormones constantly and consistently in a steady stream. Although there is some care required at the insertion site immediately following the procedure, there is no need for a pill, cream, patch, or injection. Using this therapy since 2006, The Hormone Zone has more experience in hormone pellets than most practices across the entire country.

Hormone Replacement Therapies at The Hormone Zone

At The Hormone Zone, we do more than treat your symptoms. As part of our holistic approach to your health, we seek to realign your body to its natural function by identifying the root causes of your condition. Then, we develop a treatment plan that uses a combination of proven therapies, including both traditional medicine and alternative methods, to produce better results.

We offer HRT options like:

  • Bioidentical replacement therapy, using bioequivalent hormones that are an exact copy of what your body makes. Because your body recognizes the hormone, there is a reduced potential for negative side effects.
  • Testosterone replacement therapy, including Gonadorelin and Clomiphene therapy, testosterone cypionate injections, Premature Ejaculation (PE) solutions, and PDE5 medications such as sildenafil and tadalafil.
  • Thyroid support and optimization with the ThyroZone™ system, a revolutionary approach to managing the thyroid through comprehensive assessment, medication, and nutrition.
  • Peptide therapy, which uses specific amino acid sequences to bind to receptors on the cell surface and improve optimal messaging for health improvement.
  • Human growth hormone (HGH) optimization using either peptide therapy or Omnitrope.

To find out more about The Hormone Zone’s hormone replacement therapy offerings can help you live your best and healthiest life, schedule a no-obligation consultation today!

Hormone Replacement Therapy FAQs

Hormone replacement therapy can help both men and women of any age who are experiencing the effects of improperly balanced or declining hormone levels.

Hormone replacement therapy may be a good option for women who:

  • Have gone through menopause in or before their mid-40s
  • Are experiencing severe menopause symptoms
  • Have had a sudden change in reproductive health, such as from a hysterectomy or ovarian surgery

Hormone replacement therapy has also been shown effective for men who:

  • Are experiencing severe symptoms of testosterone deficiency
  • Have low or suboptimal levels of testosterone
  • Have no heart issues or sleeping disorders

The physicians at The Hormone Zone have helped thousands of patients improve their lives through hormone replacement therapy. Schedule a no-obligation consultation with our New Patient Care Coordinator to find out they can help you, too.

As we age, hormone production begins to decline. In women, this leads to menopause and lower levels of estrogen. In men, lower testosterone or testosterone deficiency can lead to a wide range of symptoms, including low sperm count, decreased mental sharpness, reduced libido and sexual performance, weight gain, and more.

Testosterone replacement is a specific type of hormone replacement therapy that can help men replace falling levels of testosterone and maintain hormonal balance, resulting in improved energy, muscle mass, bone density, libido, red blood cell production, psychological well-being, and mood.

Testosterone replacement is just one of the hormone replacement therapies offered at The Hormone Zone. We understand the unique challenges facing men as they age, and we know how to help men make the most of their years with safe, effective, and comprehensive treatment solutions, including medications, subcutaneous pellets, peptide therapy, and testosterone cypionate injections.

Although some patients may experience water retention in the first few months of treatment, long-term weight gain is not a significant side effect of hormone replacement therapy, and there is no substantial evidence suggesting that patients who take hormone replacement therapy gain weight as a result.

Generally speaking, weight gained while taking hormone replacement therapy is largely attributed to age, decreased activity, or hormonal imbalances rather than the therapy itself. Similarly, there is no direct connection to hormone replacement therapy and weight loss, although regulating hormones and metabolism may make it easier for you to maintain a healthy weight.

At The Hormone Zone, we never suggest a single treatment solution in isolation. Rather, we take a comprehensive, holistic approach to care that considers all aspects of your health and combines multiple treatment areas, including nutrition, weight control, blood sugar management, and diet and exercise. Following your individual treatment plan can help ensure you optimize your body’s functions and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Hormone Zone provides the benefit of not taking insurance. Virtually all insurance companies will deny claims using this comprehensive and cutting-edge care. Insurance companies will stand in the way of your decision to seek this advanced and specialized care, making the reimbursement process laborious, wrongly viewed as not medically necessary, and eventually denied. However, we provide a detailed super bill with diagnosis codes that can be provided to your insurance carrier just in case. Our decision to not take insurance benefits you by allowing us to be flexible and rapid with the proper medical decision to provide you with the care you need and deserve.

Hormone replacement therapy can be life-changing; for many, the rewards outweigh the cost. A better, healthier, fuller life is worth more than a dollar sign, and at The Hormone Zone, we can help you make the most out of every day.

Comprehensive, full-body testing is essential to developing the most effective and accurate treatment plan. At The Hormone Zone, we go above and beyond the standard in testing protocols to gather more information about your current health status at a cellular level. Our state-of-the-art in-house testing includes:

  • InBody, the most advanced scale available for measuring body composition
  • RMR, or Resting Metabolic Rate, analysis to determine thyroid health and weight loss goals
  • Thyroflex, a unique computer measurement of your metabolic rate and related thyroid function
  • Zinc and nitric oxide salivary testing, to determine two of the most important nutrients for your hormones and sexual health

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