Dr. Bosch, Medical Officer

Cristina Romero-Bosch, NMD

Dr. Cristina Romero-Bosch was born in Seville, Spain and grew up in northern New Jersey. She comes from a family of health practitioners who understand the importance of balancing conventional and alternative medical approaches. She attended Rutgers University and earned a BS degree in Nutritional Sciences and Food Service hospitality, a true extension of her lifelong passion with the culinary arts and how they help to connect people and heal the body. Her medical degree was obtained at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and her residency at Yale University/Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine in Alternative Medicine Women’s Health and Endocrinology.

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Dr. Bosch grew up surrounded by medicine and she knew from an early age that she too wanted to be a physician. Her undergraduate work positioned her to use nutrition to treat patients, to develop healthy eating courses for Early childhood aged children, and to work hands on in restaurants focused on “Spa Cuisine.” This evolved into her realization that health was achieved through happy, healthy living and that food could often be the first approach to disease prevention and treatment.

Through example and then through practice, Dr. Bosch came to know the importance of service to others. She has always said how lucky she has been in having parents, teachers, and mentors that have helped her succeed in her goals through their dedication to her learning and training. Dr. Bosch says, “There are few greater pleasures than knowing you have left a positive impact on another’s life.” She is impassioned by the notion of healing and empowering particularly women. Dr. Bosch states, “Women tend to be the head of household with regards to managing the home. Even in a household where both parents work, the mom is usually the one in charge of meal time.” When a female changes her relationship with food and practices a healthier lifestyle, she is not only improving her quality of life and health but creating a new generation of people (her children) that also value and live in wellness.” This to her is the only career path she could have taken and it offers the opportunity to teach, treat and train three aspects of service in which she thrives.

Aside from a focus on generational health comes the importance of females feeling sexy, vibrant and loving. When women are happy with themselves they find it easier to be fulfilled in a relationship because their self-worth is already well established and therefore they can demand and return more easily respect, passion and commitment. Dr. Bosch says, “One of the most important things health can gift an individual is the ability to love freely, sensually and completely, oneself and one’s partner.” She finds that working with Dr. Robinson on treating couples is consistently rewarding when the couples’ relationships improve as their intimacy improves. Treating patients is disease prevention and treatment but for her the true calling comes in service to helping others create happy homes and fulfilled families.

The Hormone Zone is Dr. Bosch’s first baby which was originally named Iluminar. With her husband, partner and the love of her life, Dr. John Robinson, she went on to have two beautiful girls but the practice has remained special in her heart. Dr. Bosch feels “people come to The Hormone Zone to change their lives. Not to be their old selves but an optimal version of themself.” She is proud of the constant, cutting edge innovation that The Hormone Zone offers patients for Wellness, Disease reversal and Graceful Aging. She is equally proud of how true The Hormone Zone stays to the principals of medicine that rely on tradition, history, nature and an absolute focus on the needs of the individual. Dr. Bosch says, “The Hormone Zone is not a medical practice but a way of life, a philosophy that provides tangible answers to questions of health as well as hope that if one path does not lead to resolution then through innovation and understanding one’s body healing will always be an option.”

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