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Becoming a Patient at the Hormone Zone is an Easy, Seamless Process, With Our Entire Team Guiding and Supporting You the Entire Way.

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Our team is poised and ready to take your phone calls and answer your questions about your health goals and how we can specifically help you. Your New Patient Liaison will help orient you towards the best health solutions for your personal situation.

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After you have discussed your health interests during your First contact, we issue the proper array of lab orders. You have the advantage of coming in to our office and having your labs drawn for your convenience. We act as a draw station for LabCorp and Sonora Quest, and allow them to process your labs to better ensure insurance coverage. Our patients are able to have their commercial insurance cover their lab work in almost every instance. For our Cash Pay patients, we provide convenient pricing options right here at the medical office.


The Hormone Zone is not just a medical practice, it is an experience. Our Team is here for you from the moment you walk across the threshold. Your first appointment is an opportunity to begin your healthcare process with a unique and personalized approach to medical care.

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We include state of the art in-house testing as part of your new patient experience. With testing that goes beyond the usual, we are able to provide you with a deeper understanding of your current health status to guide you towards success.

InBody: Body Composition with the most advanced scale available, used by NASA.

RMR: Resting Metabolic Rate analysis for determining thyroid health and weight loss goals.

Thyroflex: A unique computer measurement of reflex speed for thyroid health.

EKG: Ensuring cardiac function is optimal.

Zinc and Nitric Oxide Status: Convenient salivary testing to determine two of the most important nutrients for your hormones and sexual health.

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Your doctor will create an atmosphere of conscious analysis and caring right from the beginning. Using your in depth medical history, understanding your personal goals, and analyzing your test results, you will be guided towards understanding your health and what you can do to improve it. You will receive a written plan right away and at each follow up visit, your personalized plan will be adjusted to continue to keep you on track.

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When you fully understand your test results and have reviewed your comprehensive medical plan with your doctor, we believe in providing the option to get started towards your goals right away with treatments such as Hormone Balancing, Hormone Pellet Therapy, Advanced Thyroid Treatment, Insulin & Blood Sugar Control, Growth Hormone Therapy, Sexual Wellness options, IV Nutritional Therapy, Gastrointestinal Solutions, Aesthetic Procedures for Age Management, a unique Weight Loss Program, and much more.

We Look Forward to Meeting You and Helping to Take Your Health to the Next Level!”

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