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The Hormone Zone Values

At The Hormone Zone, the entire team is focused towards delivering the best possible medical service. As a Team, we have certain values and action items that we adhere in order to stay focused on our Mission. These values are part of our promise to you.

Innovation: We seek to constantly improve and expand the medical options for our patients. Almost on a daily basis, we are offering a new and unique medical service option for our patients to experience optimal health.

Docere: “The Doctor as Teacher.” Our patients are immersed in a clinical environment where they are truly understanding more about their health and how to optimize it for life.

Elite Service: The Hormone Zone is dedicated to offering the best medical and customer service experience, beyond the typical medical setting. Our patients notice the difference on a daily basis from walking in the door to the time they are realizing their improved health benefits. We never settle, so neither should you.

Dedicated Support Team: At The Hormone Zone, our team members are dedicated to the leadership concept of Extreme Ownership, constantly taking responsibility towards ways in which they can personally succeed for the sake of the team and our Mission. The Hormone Zone provides the optimal workplace where team members can Succeed and become true Leaders in their field, working as a cohesive team, while realizing our Vision and Mission.

Keep it Safe: The best medicine comes from a philosophy of First Do No Harm. Our Medical approach employs natural and minimally invasive strategies and tools that effectively lead a patient towards optimal health.

Our Culture Code

As a medical practice and company, we are committed to creating the following culture. Just like our values, we dedicate this Culture Code…to you.

  • We commit obsessively to our Mission
  • We Believe: What Gets Measured, Gets Accomplished
  • We look to the long term and solve for the Patient, providing elite service and real results.
  • We each take Extreme Ownership and Lead!
  • We dare to ask why and challenge the status quo in medicine.
  • We know that life is best spent being truly healthy.


What if we told you that there are answers to not just improving your health, but optimizing your health? What if it was possible to recreate the health you once had, and enhance it beyond what you ever expected? What would you do with your new found health? How would it positively affect your life, your career, and your relationships?

Health Is Not a Journey… It’s a Process

With cutting-edge medical solutions that work with your body, we directly combat disease, while preventing and lowering the risk for dysfunction, optimizing longevity, improving human sexuality, and restoring a functional balance. This new found state directly leads to creating stronger personal relationships, opening up your competitive career options, and allowing your body to function optimally, providing you with exactly what you want…and need.

We understand that achieving and maintaining health is not a random act, that ebbs and flows, continuously out of your control. It has specific and causal reasons as to why it is in the state it currently resides. We work directly with you to reveal those specific reasons and provide answers that put you back in control of your health destiny.

The Hormone Zone is led by a husband and wife team with a combined 30+ years of experience helping thousands of patients achieve and maintain optimal health. They are experts in Hormone Replacement Therapy, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Subcutaneous Hormone Pellet Therapy (Hormone Pellets), Thyroid Disorders and Thyroid Disease including hypothyroidism (low thyroid), hyperthyroidism (high thyroid), Autoimmune Thyroid Disease (Hashimoto’s Disease or Thyroiditis), utilizing their unique system ThyroZone (link to book). Insulin Resistance and Pre-Diabetes, Weight Loss (Fat Loss) with unique Weight Loss Programs, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Therapy including Peptide Therapy with solutions such as Sermorelin, Ipamorelin, and Tesamorelin, as well as IV Nutrition Therapies (IV Drips), Aesthetic Medicine including the Vampire Facelift and Vampire Facial procedures, and Sexual Wellness Therapies including solutions for women with Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD), low libido, urinary incontinence, and decreased sexual response and sensitivity, utilizing the O Shot, and for men, solutions for Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, and Increased Penis Size and Function, using HRT and the P Shot, among many other solutions.

With a comprehensive blood work analysis and detailed clinical workup, we will discover together exactly what you need to restore and regain your best possible health.

We look forward to serving you!

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