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Hormone Pellets

Hormone pellet therapy is a form of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy that uses compounded sterile hormone pellets to deliver hormones directly to the bloodstream. The pellets are about the size of a grain of rice and release a steady stream of hormones for more consistent and longer-lasting results. Pellets may contain single hormone replacements or a mix of hormones to supplement and properly balance the body’s own hormone levels.

Benefits of Bioidentical Hormones

Bioidentical hormones are processed hormones derived from plants that have the exact chemical structure of hormones naturally produced by the body. Because they replicate what the body produces, bioidentical hormone replacement allows your hormones to function at their optimal level, and there is less chance of rejection.

Who are hormone pellets right for?

Hormone pellets are an effective therapy for individuals experiencing the symptoms of hormone deficiency or hormone imbalance. They are ideal for women who have gone through menopause but can also be a good option for men and premenopausal women.

For many people, hormone pellets serve as an alternative to injections, creams, gels, patches, or oral medication for hormone replacement therapy. However, optimal outcomes are more likely when hormone pellets are used as part of a more comprehensive approach to hormone balance and overall health.

The physicians at The Hormone Zone have been at the forefront of hormone pellet therapy since 2006, working directly with Dr. Gino Tutera, a pioneer in hormone pellet therapy, and treating thousands of patients. A hormone imbalance could be caused by a variety of factors or even several hormone disturbances, and not all hormones may be available in pellet form. At The Hormone Zone, our doctors take a customized, holistic approach to treatment focused on discovering the root of your symptoms for the best possible care. Here, we rely on extensive experience and lab analysis, not loose guesswork, to optimize your individual body.

How Hormone Pellets Work

Subcutaneous hormone pellets are one of the best methods of delivering bioidentical hormones into the body. Oral and transdermal methods, while effective, introduce significant doses of hormones to the body all at once, spiking hormone levels that then decline all at once, causing a roller coaster effect in everything from energy levels to mood.

Placed directly under the skin via a small incision, hormones delivered through pellets are gradually absorbed by the body and directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the liver or gastrointestinal systems. By releasing smaller and more consistent quantities of hormones, pellet therapy can help eliminate the fluctuations associated with other hormone replacement options and help the body maintain constant results for months at a time.

Moreover, depending on factors like metabolic rate, stress, and exercise frequency, the body will naturally deliver more hormones to meet the unique needs of your body based on blood flow and cardiovascular demand. As blood flows across the pellets, your body receives more hormones until the entire pellet has dissolved, typically between 3 and 6 months. For women, the average timeframe is around 4 months and for men, 5 months.

The Hormone Pellet Procedure

The procedure to place hormone pellets is simple, fast, and virtually painless. During your appointment, an area on the side of your hip is anesthetized, then a small, barely visible incision is made to allow the placement of the tiny pellet using a trocar and cannula device. The incision is then closed with steri-strips and you’ll receive specific instructions on how to care for the site over the next few days. The entire procedure usually takes about 5 minutes, and you will not be able to feel the pellet at all.

As with any medical procedure or hormone therapy, there is always the possibility of side effects with hormone pellets, but they are typically rare and consist of only minor pain or irritation at the insertion site.

Hormone Pellet Therapy at The Hormone Zone

Your hormones do not exist in a vacuum, and they do not operate independently of each other. Hormones from all of your body’s systems interact with and influence each other while reacting to internal and external stimuli. Treatment conducted without understanding the interconnectedness of factors like stress response, weight, and blood sugar with these systems produce subpar results.

Unlike other “pellet practices,” which focus only on sex hormone deficiencies, hormone therapies at The Hormone Zone treat all seven of the main zones of hormone imbalance simultaneously. By working to find the optimal balance of hormones throughout your body, complemented by lifestyle changes and other treatments, we can produce better results in everything from healing and recovery to regeneration and rejuvenation.

To find out more about hormone pellets and how they can help you get the most out of life, schedule a no-obligation consultation with The Hormone Zone today!

Hormone Pellet Therapy FAQs

One of the most superior ways to deliver sex hormones into the body is with Hormone Pellet Therapy. Small rice-sized Hormone Pellets are easily and painlessly placed under the skin in a simple in-office procedure.

BHRT can help with many signs and symptoms associated with menopause, perimenopause, low testosterone, and aging. With Hormone Pellet Therapy, the relief of symptoms can be extremely profound because of the quick and constant hormone delivery the body experiences. Patients have often experienced the inconsistencies associated with creams, gels, patches, and oral hormones without complete relief. Hormone Pellet Therapy often quickly changes that.

Physicians often use Hormone Pellet Therapy and other “pellet practices” to treat sex hormone deficiencies without considering a comprehensive and global view of ALL the hormone systems, such as optimal thyroid balancing, adrenal health, and the hormonal effects of the stress response, insulin and blood sugar control and weight management, and the powerfully effective Human Growth Hormone for anti-aging. At The Hormone Zone, we consider how your various hormones interact and influence each other, leading to the best outcomes and results for Hormone Pellet Therapy.

This is a key question to ask anyone considering Hormone Pellet Therapy. Dr. Robinson has been using Hormone Pellet Therapy since 2006 and has had extensive training during medical school, interning with the late Gino Tutera, MD, FACOG, a past pioneer in Hormone Pellet Therapy, ultimately working by his side for nine years. Dr. Robinson has treated thousands of patients with this therapy and believes it to be a superior way to deliver sex hormones for men and women. Dr. Bosch has also been effectively using pellets since 2007 and has benefited from the guidance of Dr. Robinson since they joined forces at The Hormone Zone.

In a simple minor surgery procedure, an area on the side of your hip will be anesthetized, and a small incision is made, allowing a small instrument called a trochar to be placed. The pellets are painlessly inserted through the trochar, and the incision is closed with steri-strips. The whole procedure takes about 5 minutes.

The pellets quickly become surrounded by blood vessels and slowly dissolve based on cardiovascular demand (blood flow). As blood flows across the pellets, your body will gradually receive hormones. If you exercise or have more stress on the system, the body will naturally deliver more hormones to meet the demand, all based on blood flow.

No, and yes. This is a common marketing concept seen at various pellet practices, and there is truth to the statement, but it is not completely accurate. If the pellets are placed, the body will use them based on the flow of blood, and this generally is a very good thing. However, if the DOSE is either too much or too little, then this concept quickly breaks down. The body could still get too much or too little based on dosing. This is where an experienced physician who is considering multiple factors, including all other hormones, is so important. With the correct dose, your body will use the pellets as it needs them until the pellets.

Typically pellets will last between 3 to 6 months. The timeframe is very individualized and is based on personal metabolic rate, exercise frequency, and stress. For women, the average time frame is about 4 months. For men, the average time frame is about 5 months. But again, everyone is different. Eventually, the pellets completely dissolve under the skin.

Any type of hormone therapy or medical procedure can have side effects. With Hormone Pellets, pain, and irritation at the insertion site are possible, including the very rare possibility of infection. Your Hormone Zone physician will be very upfront about the risks associated with Hormone Pellet Therapy. Please note that if any other physician using pellets or a “pellet practice” is not upfront about possible side effects, this should stand as a red flag.

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