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Sexual wellness is deeply intertwined with everything from how you feel about your body to how you feel in your body, but too many men today are discouraged from discovering their optimal sexual health and function by a culture of silence. Hormone imbalances, age, and stress, as well as shame or embarrassment about physiological problems, can result in common and entirely treatable problems that, when ignored, can keep men from looking, feeling, and performing their best in the bedroom.

At The Hormone Zone, led by renowned hormone and sexual wellness experts Dr. John Robinson and Dr. Cristina Bosch, we take a holistic and personalized approach to every patient, one in which we do more than treat the symptoms keeping you from a fulfilling sex life; we make you better from the inside out so you can engage in your relationships and live your life with confidence. Since 2006, our team of board-certified physicians has been at the forefront of men’s sexual health and wellness, providing proven, research-backed modalities tailored to your unique needs and designed to deliver the best results possible.

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Treatments and Therapies for Men’s Sexual Wellness at The Hormone Zone

For most men, sexual health primarily centers on erectile function and testosterone levels. At The Hormone Zone, however, we believe that true sexual wellness requires a complete and comprehensive approach. That’s why we offer a full complement of integrative and proven sexual wellness solutions that can be used as stand-alone treatments or in conjunction with other treatments for maximum results.

P-Shot® The Hormone Zone was an early adopter of the P-Shot®, or Priapus Shot®, a cutting-edge sexual rejuvenation and enhancement procedure. The P-Shot® has been used and clinically proven for nearly a decade as a non-surgical solution for helping thousands of patients worldwide achieve the benefits of natural sexual enhancement. The P-Shot® is a safe and highly effective procedure that uses nutrient-rich growth factors from your own blood to stimulate new tissue growth within the penis.

Acoustic Wave Therapy/PiezoWave. Shockwave or acoustic wave therapy is a non-invasive regenerative therapy that can restore penile health, sexual performance, and erection quality, especially in men suffering from age-related ED. The Hormone Zone is proud to offer PiezoWave2, the most sophisticated physical medicine modality to-date and the next generation of shockwave devices, designed to provide more effective and consistent application than conventional, point-focused shockwave therapy for better results.

TriMix Injections. TriMix is a specially compounded injectable medication that combines three proven ED drugs: papaverine, phentolamine, and the vasodilator alprostadil, a chemically-identical form of prostaglandin E1 (PGE1).  These drugs work synergistically and simultaneously to: 1) relax the muscles and widen the blood vessels in the penis, allowing for the blood flow necessary to achieve an erection; and 2) prevent blood from leaving the penis and allowing you to sustain an erection for longer.

PhalloFILL. The gold standard in non-surgical girth enhancement, PhalloFILL uses a safe and effective hyaluronic acid dermal filler to customize and complement the look, shape, and performance of your anatomical features without hindering functionality.

Priapus Toxin. Priapus toxin targets the root cause of erectile dysfunction to enhance penile health and function, using therapeutic neurotoxins to relax the penile tissue, improve blood flow to the penis, enhance oxygen delivery, and increase nitric oxide production. Because it also promotes new blood vessels and nerve growth, Priapus Toxin can also help repair and regenerate the lining of penile blood vessels from within to increase the diameter of the arteries and overall size of the penis.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Testosterone replacement therapy, or TRT, helps restore declining testosterone to more appropriate levels, relieving or even reversing the symptoms of low T. TRT from The Hormone Zone is available as cypionate injections or subcutaneous pellets, and is often used in conjunction with other treatments like HCG therapy, PDE5 medications, or other PE solutions like the P-Shot®.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). Also referred to as pellet therapy, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy uses synthetic, naturally-derived hormones that resemble the body’s own version to improve libido and energy levels and reduce the effects of aging on your sexual health, wellness, and performance.

Peptide therapy. Peptides are the building blocks of proteins and are responsible for stimulating and regulating a host of biological functions and processes, including those associated with sexual health and function. By mimicking your body’s own naturally-occurring peptides, peptide therapy helps restore the number of peptides in your body, improving their ability to produce particular responses so your body can recover from sexual dysfunction, soft tissue damage, and poor hormone production.

Sexual Wellness as Part of Overall Wellness at The Hormone Zone

Unlike other pellet practices that only focus on deficiencies in sex hormones, The Hormone Zone combines the best in traditional and alternative methods to develop integrative treatment plans designed to optimize your overall health as well as your sexual health. From hormone therapies that help your body heal at a cellular level to nutritional IVs, weight loss programs, and aesthetic medicine, The Hormone Zone offers comprehensive wellness services that complement each other so you look, feel, and perform your very best at every age.


Is sexual activity good for you?

Sexual activity is incredibly beneficial to your mental, emotional, and physical health, impacting a wide range of physiological processes.

Sexual activity and its various expressions—from hugging to orgasm and everything in between—release hormones like:

  • Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which helps fight signs of aging in the skin, muscles, and hair
  • Serotonin, which can reduce the symptoms of depression
  • Prolactin, which can help improve sleep
  • Oxytocin and other endorphins, which are the body’s natural way of relieving pain, supporting your immune system, and boosting your mood.

Orgasm in particular also signals the release of immunoglobulin A (IgA), an antibody that helps fight off infection.

All of this leads to additional benefits like:

  • Improved emotional health through better communication and intimacy
  • Improved stress levels and self-esteem
  • Reduced risk of developing serious health conditions like heart disease or prostate cancer
  • Reduced atrophy or shrinkage of the vagina, prostate, and related muscles and ligaments

What are the most common types of sexual dysfunction in men?

Sexual dysfunction is generally classified into four types or categories:

  • Pain disorders
  • Orgasm disorders (either delay or absence of orgasm)
  • Desire disorders (lack of interest in sex or of sexual desire)
  • Arousal disorders (inability to become physically aroused during sexual activity)

For men, symptoms of sexual dysfunction include:

  • Inability to control the timing of ejaculation, such as early (premature) ejaculation or retarded ejaculation, which is the absence or delay of ejaculation
  • Erectile dysfunction, or the inability to achieve or maintain an erection hard enough for intercourse

Hormone imbalance is the primary cause of ED and other sexual dysfunctions in men, including low libido, shorter and/or weaker orgasms, low testosterone, or even trouble reaching orgasm.

What is the role of testosterone in men’s sexual wellness?

Although produced by both men and women, testosterone is typically referred to as the “male” hormone and is responsible for regulating sex drive (libido), production of sperm and red blood cells, and muscle mass and strength. In men, testosterone production usually spikes during puberty, between the ages of 18 and 20, before beginning a gradual decline at about a rate of 1% per year that most men begin to “feel” around age 30.

Just as women experience menopause and a decline in estrogen, men also undergo a decline in hormone production (testosterone), albeit usually a slower and more subtle one. As testosterone begins to decline, various systems of the body—especially those associated with sexual wellness—will also begin to experience a decline in performance and function.

Testosterone deficiency in men can lead to a host of symptoms often simply attributed to aging, such as:

  • Disturbed sleep
  • Low sperm count
  • Slow wound healing
  • Irritability, memory impairment, or decrease in mental sharpness
  • Feelings of depression or anxiety
  • Osteoporosis
  • Weakness and reduced muscle mass
  • Weight gain
  • Atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries and a precursor to heart attack or stroke)
  • Reduced libido and difficulty maintaining erections
  • Fatigue or decrease in physical stamina

Replacing falling levels of testosterone to restore and maintain hormonal balance can help improve:

  • Energy
  • Muscle mass
  • Bone density
  • Libido
  • Psychological well-being and mood
  • ED
  • Red blood cell production
  • Facial and body hair production

In addition to hormone and testosterone replacement, The Hormone Zone offers a range of treatments that can also address problems achieving and maintaining erections.

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