Acoustic Wave Therapy in Scottsdale

Acoustic Wave Therapy

What is Acoustic Wave (Shockwave) Therapy?

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) or Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT) uses high-frequency sound-waves to increase blood flow to any area of tissue it is applied. Before the techniques were used for male enhancement, ESWT was used to improve blood flow and aid in the healing of orthopedic injuries.

How Does Acoustic Wave Treat ED?

Age-related erectile dysfunction is most commonly caused by a buildup of plaque in the arteries that supply blood to the erectile tissue. Shockwave therapy has been clinically demonstrated to break up plaque and improve blood flow to the penis.


The sound wave energy is also used to help repair old or damaged blood vessels and stimulate the growth of new blood vessels (called neovascularization), which allows for better blood flow. It’s a promising long-term solution compared to temporary alternatives, such as Tadalafil or Sildenafil.

Shockwave therapy for ED can be combined with the P-shot (PRP therapy). The growth factors in PRP promote healing and tissue growth leading to better blood flow and stronger erections. For more information about how the P-shot can help you, click here.

What does the Science say about Acoustic Wave for Treating E.D.?

  • Journal of Sexual Medicine “improved in 85% of the cases, good result in 10%… The average increase in the IIEF-EF domain score was 8.8 points.”
  • Journal of Sexual Medicine 2012 “Penile LI-ESWT is a new modality that has the potential to treat a subgroup of severe ED patients”
  • Journal of Sexual Medicine 2016 “LIST may have a fundamental effect on penile endothelial function, increasing penile blood flow, and improving erectile function and consequently sexual satisfaction.”
  • Journal of Sexual Medicine 2016 “significant increases in the duration of the erections and penile rigidity “
  • Hong Kong Urological Association Annual Scientific Meeting 2014 “safe, noninvasive… improvement of IIEF; EHS; EDITS scores and spontaneous erection without PDE5i and morning erection in this study”.
  • Journal of Urology 2015 “Li-ESWT was demonstrated to be safe and effective for the treatment of ED in men considered responders as well as non-responders to PDE5i therapy.”
  • Ankur Healthcare Private Limited, Bangalore, India “LI-ESWT demonstrated a positive long term clinical effect with improvement in erectile function of Indian men… attractive new therapeutic option for men with vasculogenic erectile dysfunction.”

Pros and Cons of Acoustic Wave for Treating E.D.


  • Non-surgical, non-invasive treatment without the need for downtime.
  • Low intensity shock wave therapy is typically pain-free with the intensity adjusted for your comfort.
  • Sessions lasting no more than 30 minutes.
  • Results may last up to a year.


  • It typically takes 6-12 treatments for patients to see an effect
  • High-intensity AWT can range from uncomfortable to painful.
  • You shouldn’t get AWT if you are: Pregnant, have a heart condition (including a pacemaker or defibrillator), take anticoagulants or blood clotting medicines, or have nerve issues (including neuropathy or vasovagal sensitivity).

What to Expect When Receiving Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT)

A typical treatment session takes 15 to 30 minutes. First, the provider applies a conducting gel to the treatment area. Then they move the acoustic wand over the skin’s surface, administering a strong, vibrating massage. The level of pressure, length of the treatment session, and intensity will depend on your particular concern.

Side Effects:

Bruising, swelling, numbness, tingling, or pain can occur after receiving AWT but discomfort or pain from the therapy should subside within 48 hours.

How Long Does it Take for Results?

Multiple sessions (typically 6-10) are required to see results. Maintenance sessions are recommended starting 3 months after your final session to keep the results you have already received.

*How is The Hormone Zone’s Approach for ED Unique?

  • At The Hormone Zone, we actually treat ED. Our goal for you is improvement and reversal of any level of Erectile Dysfunction you are experiencing, and we utilize the full array of cutting-edge medical options to achieve this goal for you. We treat ED comprehensively with suggestions for optimal diet and medical medical weight loss, supplementation with nutrients that boost Nitric Oxide, prescriptions for PD-5 inhibitors, Testosterone Replacement Therapy, Peptide Therapy, and much more.
  • We also combine Acoustic Wave therapies with the P-Shot for enhanced results to further strengthen erections and sexual wellness. For those men who don’t want to wait for several acoustic wave treatments, we are providers of Trimix injections, which can be used to produce an erection in as little as 5-10 minutes.


** How does The Hormone Zone set its prices compared to typical Gainswave pricing?

  • Gainswave pricing is typically set at $3000 for six (6) sessions, or $500 a session. Most Gainswave protocols stop at 6 sessions, which is one reason many do not get the results they are seeking.
  • At The Hormone Zone, our cost per session is set at $400, allowing the flexibility to increase the number of sessions beyond the typical 6 sessions IF they are needed. We start the pricing at $2400 for six (6) sessions, and add sessions as needed. Every patient is different and unique and we treat you accordingly.
  • To learn more about our comprehensive approach for ED, contact The Hormone Zone today.

What Else Does Acoustic Wave Technology Treat?

At The Hormone Zone, we utilize Acoustic Wave Therapy to treat excess cellulite (adipose fat). It does this by sending pressure waves to the lower layers of skin tissue with the goal of reducing the appearance of cellulite and firming the skin on the butt and thighs. The pressure waves also increase collagen production and relax stiffened connective-tissue fibers, helping smooth cellulite dimples.