Dr. Robinson, Chief Medical Officer

John A. Robinson, NMD

Dr. John A. Robinson is a Board Certified Naturopathic Medical Doctor Specializing in Hormone Replacement Therapy, Anti-aging Medicine, Functional Medicine, and Longevity Medicine.

Dr. John A. Robinson spent his youth in Philadelphia, traveling to Arizona in his early teens where he has called home ever since.

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He has had the benefit of the culture of both regions having a special place in his heart. He attended Arizona State University where he had the unique experience of studying both English and the PreMedical Sciences simultaneously, providing a further foundation for his very human yet scientifically practical approach to medicine.

Dr. Robinson has been in healthcare for more than 29 years, first starting in 1991 as an attendant at the world famous Spa at Camelback Inn in Paradise Valley, Arizona. That experience launched him into Advanced Massage Therapy that led to an exploration in Traditional Chinese Medicine, serving as a founding member of The Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine & Acupuncture (PHIMA) in Phoenix Arizona. It was during this training that led him towards becoming a Naturopathic Medical Doctor.

When asked about his personal philosophy on helping patients and the mission of The Hormone Zone , Dr. Robinson stated:

“I have always wanted to Serve. I have always wanted to use my mind and will to solve a personal health problem for others. It seems both fascinating and a higher calling to me. I want to guide the patient towards solutions for themselves, actual results-driven answers. In essence, I want to give to the patient what they are asking of me. People dare to trust a healthcare provider, and I believe that we should seek to always honor that trust and do what it takes to fulfill that request.

The Hormone Zone and its Mission is helping to trail blaze towards optimal human performance, sexual wellness and longevity, all improving personal goals and personal relationships. My wife and I and our entire team are devoted to constantly innovating through the best of medical science and natural proven solutions. For me, the whole thing is a passion.”

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