2017 The BIG Year in Review

Yes, it’s been a BIG year! People always seem to notice that at the end of the year when they have a chance to reflect. That’s one of the great things about the Holidays; they give you an opportunity to reflect, and to be Grateful and Thankful. And we are incredibly grateful and thankful for so much this year, particularly you, our faithful patients, and our adoring fans. The Hormone Zone and The Sex Docs are manifestations of a desire to Serve and to provide answers and solutions for Healthy Aging and Sexual Wellness. There are a lot of ways to serve humanity. We just happen to be really passionate about hormones, health, longevity, and sex! Duh! 🙂 Here are the highlights to an innovative and expansive year.


    • We formulated private label supplements and launched THZ Nutrition with several unique options for our patients.



    • Dr. Bosch and Dr. Robinson attended aesthetic medical training in Las Vegas, learning hands on techniques from a world renowned plastic surgeon.
    • We launched our aesthetic aspect of our practice called DermeZone CLICK HERE, where we offer a wide range of aesthetic services consistent with our Mission towards graceful aging including the Vampire Facial, Vampire Facelift, Vampire Breastlift, all using natural tissue regenerative Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in a unique proprietary method.







    • The Hormone Zone organized and hosted the Scottsdale Health Fair CLICK HERE where participants enjoyed talks from multiple healthcare providers and we gave away thousands in free products and services.
    • The Hormone Zone and Dr. Bosch and Dr. Robinson were voted Best Hormone Doctors CLICK HERE by Arizona Foothills Magazine.





    • We welcomed our new physician associate Dr. Beth Bendokaitis CLICK HERE to our group. Dr. Bendokaitis brings an exciting and fresh approach to health, hormones, and aesthetic medicine. We are very proud to have her on board.



    • Dr. Robinson and Bosch attended the LDN Research Trust Conference, (CLICK HERE to review the presentations) a collection of Doctors and Scientists from all over the world, where Dr. Robinson presented internal clinical data collected at The Hormone Zone on the effectiveness of Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) in treating the autoimmune thyroid condition known as Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Special thanks goes out to Dr. Bendokaitis on helping to collate the data.








Some 2017 Milestones

    • We started @TheSexDocs on Instagram CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR PICS and as a unique brand that showcases our expertise in sexual medicine and optimal healthy lifestyle.
    • Our staff grew at The Hormone Zone advancing our Mission towards even more personalized medical care.
    • The Sex Docs featured weekly Facebook Live videos CLICK HERE TO WATCH where we discussed sexual wellness and hormonal health.
    • We reach 8000 Facebook Fans! And we are rapidly growing as leaders in health and hormone and age management and Peak Performance lifestyles.
    • We had multiple guest appearances on Sonoran Living Live and multiple featured articles in Arizona Foothills Magazine and online on Bustle.
    • We became a part of the editorial staff for Arizona Foothills Magazine with our upcoming featured column called Cure Confidential, where we will answer those intimate health questions that are sometimes hard to ask but have straight forward and honest answers.
    • Our practice had the honor of serving a record number of patients, significantly larger than last year.


The Hormone Zone Medical Innovations

    • We introduced Peptide Therapy, one of the most powerful hormone therapies currently available. Dr. Robinson has become obsessed with research and focus on this therapy that he believes will become the biggest thing in Advanced Hormone Replacement Therapy.
    • We expanded our IV Services providing even more options for patients.
    • We now offer the Vampire Facial, Vampire Facelift, O Shot, and P Shot procedures.


2018: BIG Things to Come

  • Our column in Arizona Foothills Magazine called Cure Confidential!
  • Stem Cell Therapy, a profound regenerative therapy used for age management and disease mitigation.
  • An advanced exploration into Peptide Therapy options helping patients with immune balance, tissue regeneration, and growth hormone production.
  • An expansion of our aesthetic options with DermeZone.
  • We will be adding more private label supplement choices for our patients.
  • Look to The Sex Docs to offer even more specific medical advice, services, and products geared towards improving your Sexual Wellness.
  • And much, much more! You know we never stop improving your patient experience because you deserve only the best!


On behalf of everyone at The Hormone Zone, we want to thank you for your trust and faith in us, something we take very seriously and very personally. We also want to wish you and your family the very best New Year!


With Love and Appreciation,

Dr. Bosch & Dr. Robinson