The new year is a time to reclaim your health. While we encourage goal setting, we find patients often set themselves up for failure. January is classically known for crash diets, impulse gym membership purchases and promises to “never eat that chocolate cake again”. The Hormone Zone positions our patients  for success. Here we reveal 5 steps to successful New Year Resolutions.

  1. Start Simple: Pick a maximum of two things to work on. As an example, you could choose to cut all carbs, go vegan, quit smoking and workout 6 days a week. A better option could be to begin replacing your afternoon Mocha Frap Extra Whip with a stevia sweetened black coffee and commit to a daily 30 minute walk. While a total body makeover is wonderful in theory, overloading  the mind with excess expectations increases likelihood of rebellion or quitting all together.
  2.  Write It Out: Create a vision board, make a list, write yourself a letter…choose what works for you. The key is to create something tangible that you can refer back to. The act of taking your goals from your mind to paper allows you to commit further to them, see the overall picture and remind yourself of why you started.
  3. Answer the big “WHY”: Know why you want to accomplish your goals. This should be your key motivation not to give up. Making it to the finish line happens with consistency and persistence. In order to maintain both, you need to constantly be reminded of why you want to  make it there.
  4. Have someone hold you accountable: We provide regular check-ins for our patients. Not only is this designed to answer their questions, we also want to indirectly remind them to stick with the treatment plan. Have a friend, doctor, trainer, life coach or family member hold you accountable. This gives you someone to call when you feel like giving up.
  5. Reward yourself: Take time to bask in the glory of your accomplishments. Each week treat yourself with something to look forward to. Perhaps it is a massage, cheat meal or a new book on Audible. It is important to reward yourself along the way and give yourself that pat on the back.

The Hormone Zone is committed to helping our patients identify areas of their health that need improvement for prevention and better living. Set up an appointment with our physicians for an in-depth analysis of your health. Let’s set realistic goals and bring in the new year with a new you. Book today (480)338-8070.


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