January 2023

I Am Husband

I was pecking away on my Mac this morning, minding my own business, believing I was in the privacy of my own thoughts, and typed the word “husband.” And suddenly there it was. The ominous little green lines under the word husband, usually reserved for those of us who are “grammatically” incorrect. Rather piqued and […]

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Getting Your Fix Fixed

I was flipping through the channels over the weekend and I came across this horrific show called Toddlers and Tiaras. Because I am so generally curious and often an abject glutton for observing the sublime beauty and insanity of people, my flipping thumb froze and there I was watching this thing. The show reveals the

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Mission: Ice Cream

Last night, I drove to a local Supermarket. I never go to this particular Supermarket. Ever. I just got in the car and went, with the whole family piled into the car and their faces molded into a permanent look of “Huh?” Mission: Ice Cream. At that point, nothing was more on my mind, more

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Winter is Coming!

Block those colds and flus this year…Naturally! For all you Game of Thrones fans out there, “Winter is Coming!” But there won’t be any zombie-like White Walkers to contend with, just those nasty, snotty colds and fever causing, wiped-out-feeling flu! Are you ready? Really ready? Let me show you how to build your immune system

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A Massive Injustice

What if your ability to choose your medical treatments was taken away? What if your ability to choose how you want your own children to be medically treated was taken away? Be aware. Freedom may be going out of style. I received an email today from a respected colleague. He is a pioneer in the use

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Got Carbs? Got Cancer.

Recent preliminary research is confirming the association of increased carbohydrate intake and breast cancer recurrence. Cancer feeds off of sugar (glucose) and we have known this for a long time. But science is taking it a step further and measuring a biomarker called the IGF1 (Insulin like Glucose Factor 1) receptor. This receptor is found

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Doc, Where Did My Orgasm Go?

I really appreciate the candor of my patients. And the trust they imbue. Talking about sex can be a contorted experience for some people, twisting around their own curiosity and comfortability like a teenager on prom night. But so many of my patients are brave and intrepid and they fire away the questions anyway. Thank

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Cardiovascular Disease and Testosterone Therapy: Should You Be Concerned?

“Truth is universal. Perception of truth is not.” Anonymous The recent outcry about testosterone therapy increasing cardiovascular disease and myocardial infarction (heart attack) is causing a tremendous amount of confusion for my patients and for men all over the country. The lawyers have grabbed onto two recent studies and have helped to create panic. In

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What is Metabolism?

Metabolism is the underlying process within all of your body cells, both physically and mentally, that drives the forces that allow you to realize health. The word Metabolism comes from the Greek word “metabole” which means “to change.” And when referring to the concept of Metabolic Health, it is describing the process of creating a

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Fibrocystic Breast Disease & Iodine

Fibrocystic Breast Disease (FBD) is a condition where the breasts contain varying sized painful cysts.  The overall structure of the breast tissue changes include hyperplasia (increased cells) and mostly fibrosis or hardening.  The disease is widespread and increasing in prevalence, affecting approximately 80% of North American women compared to only 3% in a report from 1928. 

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