A Massive Injustice

What if your ability to choose your medical treatments was taken away? What if your ability to choose how you want your own children to be medically treated was taken away? Be aware. Freedom may be going out of style.

I received an email today from a respected colleague. He is a pioneer in the use of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and practices in Europe. I have seen him lecture and his experience is vast and he has considerable notoriety in the field of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in both Europe and the USA.

Please see his letter below and my response. I am asking you to forward this story to those you know to help bring some level of attention to this massive injustice. This situation is also a wake up call for parents and all those who cherish their Medical Freedom of Choice, including bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for yourself and your family.


Dear Colleague,

In the U.K.. (Great Britain), there is a mother who is in prison and before court because she came to Belgium at my consultation to get help for her daughter, a child of age 14, who since 6 years suffered from a severe chronic fatigue syndrome, which made her unable to attend school since 4 years, almost speechless due to the fatigue that is due to hormone deficiencies. Multiple trials to get help in the UK met failure from the National Health Service (NHS).

When she came to Belgium, she for the first time improved relatively quickly with hormone therapies with no overdose signs or other side effects. Many people close to these two persons in the UK have confirmed this by written testimonies. The hormone therapies include thyroid (takes out the fatigue at wake-up and when you remain still), cortisol (provides energy and wake you up, takes out fatigue in stressful situations and when standing up), and growth hormone (takes out exhaustion). All medical data justifying these treatments is strong.  As you know the natural substances, which belong to the human body,  are essential for life. Without any cortisol in the body, there is death within 24 hours, without thyroid dead comes within weeks, without any growth hormone, life expectancy is reduced on average by 34 years in women. Solic scientific evidence is behind this information. The child has deficiencies, no total absence, but these deficits are sever enough to produce the severe debilitating fatigue and other complaints she has.

The court trial takes place in the second half of October 2014. The mother is accused of wanting to harm her daughter with thyroid; cortisol and growth hormone that would be ”poisonous” substances.. Consequently, the daughter has been taken out of the custody of the mother and the mother put in prison. Unbelievable but true! The complaint was initiated by the divorced father who in all appearance takes revenge of his previous wife, apparently not really taking care about his daughter who is now put into a psychiatric institute. The father and his doctors in the UK believe that the fatigue of the now 16-year-old child is pure psychological, but psychotherapy and psychotropic drugs did and do not help. In reality, the mother is a super, very healthy minded, caring mother who with love tries to do the best for her daughter and get out of the exhaustion. The father’s doctors in the UK don’t do any really hormone check-up. They also did not ask to see the data of the medical records, but conclude after 15 minutes consultation that the child is fine hormonally and does not need help in this sector. However, tow UK doctors have supported, but their opinion is not taken to account. The lives of the child and her mother are being destroyed by a justice and medical system that does not really seem to care. They are victims of the failure of the National Health Service (NIS) and the English justice system, who do not accept when the NHS fails, that patients go to doctors outside of the UK, where possibilities in diversity of medical approaches are greater.


My response…


To the National Health Service (NHS) and All Those Concerned,
I am a Board Certified Naturopathic Medical Doctor licensed to practice medicine in the Great State of Arizona, United States of America. I have been practicing since August of 2006 with a focus on endocrinology and the implementation of USP (United States Pharmacopea) approved bioidentical hormones including estradiol, testosterone, hydrocortisone, and thyroid hormone. I have literally treated thousands of patients in this time in a very large and busy practice with a tremendously effective track record. 
One of the main conditions that I treat is chronic fatigue syndrome and its resultant debilitating fatigue. With proper examination and necessary laboratory assessment, an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan utilizing hormone replacement therapy can be implemented. These hormones have a long history of being safe and effective. The accusation of calling them “poison” is an unjust and illogical comparison at best and an abject lie at worst. I denounce and reject all comparisons not just as an experienced physician but as a fortunate patient having benefited from these therapies personally.
Without the benefit of all of the facts of the case of this imprisoned 14 year old child and mother, I must comment on the present facts. If it is a fact that this child received a proper diagnosis and resultant treatment that led to her benefit, they why would she or her mother suffer punishment from this? Even if it is argued that her condition is psychiatric in nature, utilizing safe and effective bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is viable and reasonable course of action, one of which I have taken multiple times for certain patients to great effect and benefit. The documented risk of psychotropic medications are vast and commonly known. Why would this larger risk be more accepted than another reasonable course of action, particularly one that resulted in benefit? This is a rhetorical question that will likely plague the minds of those who have incarcerated this family. I hope that it leads to rational discourse and frees these people, particularly the 14 year old child.
This situation rings similar to the deplorable case of Justina Pelletier, a 16 year old child who was kept captive by the Boston Children’s hospital in Massachusetts, which garnered national attention. The child had a particular diagnosis established by a competent physician in another state, one of which the parents agreed and the child was showing some signs of improvement. But upon entering the Boston’s Children’s hospital, her diagnosis was changed to a psychiatric one and for six months was kept from her parents while imprisoned in this hospital under the premise of the “State” protecting her. It was an unfortunate series of events that is a massive blemish on the Boston’s Children’s Hospital, the state of Massachusetts, and an effrontery to the sacred Self-Evident Freedoms that all parents inherently possess for the sake of their children. It is most fortunate that she has been released by a judge back in June of 2014, but the psychological trauma and the deterioration of her condition by incompetent and incorrect medical treatment, has led to her condition worsening. Civil litigation of epic proportions is likely to ensue. And rightfully so. 
I again implore you to consider the health of this child and the inherent right of the mother to seek competent medical care for her daughter. 
In all Sincerity,
John A. Robinson, NMD

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