What is Metabolism?

Metabolism is the underlying process within all of your body cells, both physically and mentally, that drives the forces that allow you to realize health. The word Metabolism comes from the Greek word “metabole” which means “to change.”

And when referring to the concept of Metabolic Health, it is describing the process of creating a space for unbridled change to happen in all aspects of your being.

Metabolism, or the ability to offer change in the body, is affected by many elements, and Metabolism in turn exerts its affects back on these elements. Some of these key elements are:

  • physical health including nutritional and structural components,
  • mental health,
  • emotional support and love,
  • moral integrity, and
  • spiritual understanding.

These key integrative concepts are vital in order to keep human Metabolism alive and well.

Often, Metabolism is thought of only as the “ability to loose body fat” or “your sense of energy”.  These are two important physical aspects of metabolism but only two of a multitude of processes within your body. When Metabolism is negatively affected and out of balance, every cell in our body will be affected, and this leads to a multitude of symptoms and signs that affects our thinking and emotions, our physical well being, and even our spiritual endeavors.

One of the most dynamic systems in your body, regulating and orchestrating multiple levels of change is your endocrine system and hormones. There are physical changes that occur that affect our hormone balance but even how we think, act, and even believe can affect our health and consciousness.

The book The Hormone Zone is a three-year labor of love of experience and research about metabolism, endocrinology, thyroid optimization, and weight management. I encourage you to explore this book and the wealth of knowledge and resources it contains. I wrote the book with the perplexed patient and the curious physician in mind, to act as a guidebook for Metabolic Health and hormonal awareness.

This page is designed to get you started on the right path and provide some insight on how to begin your Metabolic Health Journey…

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