Sunlight Increases Testosterone & Sexual Desire!

Let There Be Light! So you can Go Forth and Multiply! Was that too much? Too Old Testament? Nah. It actually makes sense here. Read on…

What if 30 minutes daily of light exposure for two weeks could get your testosterone levels up and your libido hopping? Yes, it may be that simple. In a recent STUDY scientists found that exposure to light can increase your testosterone levels and enhance your libido.

The scientists were following the concept that hormone levels fluctuate with the seasons as sunlight exposure varies. Here’s what they did. Thirty eight men with diagnosed hypoactive sexual disorder (low sexual desire) used a simple light box, similar to the one that is used to help with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), the condition that leads to depression during the winter months when sun exposure is low.

The men were separated into two groups, a treatment group that used a box that provided a sufficient amount light and a control group that used a box with very low light exposure. After only 30 minutes of early morning daily exposure for two weeks, the treatment group had a 3-fold increase in how they reported sexual satisfaction and an impressive 70% increase in total testosterone levels.

Again, that’s a little bit of light and for only 2 weeks! And we know that light exposure also helps with Seasonal Affective Disorder. Here’s a GREAT ARTICLE by Dr. Mercola on SAD and he also mentions the importance of Vitamin D, something we are constantly helping our patients improve.

Look, our take on this is straight forward…The basics work most of the time and this is where anyone should start! But any approach to health and hormones should be comprehensive and considering all aspects of your health. It sometimes gets tricky and you should have an expert to help you along the way.

If you think your testosterone levels and your libido are not where they need to be, give us a call!

Dr. Robinson & Dr. Bosch, AKA “The Sex Docs”

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