Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Fear does not exist. We create fear. This creation of fear normally occurs within ourselves, our mind, and our perceptions. Our perceptions can either serve us or fail us. They will serve us when they allow us to become more than we are, when we move and evolve despite ourselves. It is the way of things, if we let it.

I can hear Jesse’s gravely baritone voice now, like the rumble of a large metal container when your own voice echoes off its sides, reminding you that life does not limit, it amplifies. Jesse tells us to “Get comfortable being uncomfortable.” In my own personal foray into fitness and pushing my body, I know that it is really about that, living in the uncomfortable. It’s where the successes lie and the teachable failures. And I think that most of us know that personal growth comes from this place too.

Coach Jesse Holland is a unique guy, with a unique story about fitness and wellness. He will be attending his third World’s Toughest Mudder Event, a nonstop 24 hour fitness extravaganza. It is a monumental task that he approaches with such a zeal and willingness that he seems to make it possible for any of us. In fact, that is exactly what he does for a living. He shows us how the seemingly impossible is actually possible, whether it is achieving a new goal during a training session at his gym at Elite U or as your personal Adventure Guide on the mountains of Peru with K2 Adventure Travel. Jesse shows us that your dreams are possible.

If you want to listen to a great interview and learn more about how to train for a World’s Toughest Mudder CLICK HERE. The answer may surprise you. I interviewed Jesse about all of this and it was amazingly insightful. Check it out HERE.

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