Does the Flu Shot Work?

You want to believe that it does. You have been taught to believe that it does. The media says that it does. Every corner drug store says that it does.

But the current evidence, and even the history of the flu shot, shows that there is no significant evidence that it actually works.

In a recent article on MedScape, they take us through the evidence. And take note, this is “MedScape”, a very mainstream conventional medical outlet that has a specific agenda and perspective, that is simply stating historical and current evidence that…there is little to no evidence that the flu shot works.

Here’s what you need to know, in summary:

  1. READ THE ARTICLE for yourself. Be informed.
  2. If a flu study was funded by a pharmaceutical company, the outcomes were favorable for the flu shot. Independent studies generally showed the opposite, that the flu shot does not work. And, “there is evidence of widespread manipulation of conclusions and spurious notoriety of the studies.”
  3. After considerable administration of the flu shot for soldiers in World War II, a subsequent evaluation in 1947 found that “the incidence of disease was no different in vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.” In other words, by the late 1940s a vaccine for influenza had been developed, but there was no evidence that it prevented serious outcomes.
  4. After the 1957 Asian Flu pandemic, millions of doses were administered in the US and a follow up study in 1958 found no appreciable effect on the trend of the pandemic.
  5. In analysis after analysis, from the 1960s all the way up to today, even opinions from the CDC themselves, no evidence was discovered in favor of the flu shot, but it was continued to be recommended and given.
  6. Influenza vaccination, despite considerable evidence showing it does not help with the disease, now supersedes many other priorities of public health such as obesity, illiteracy, and high school dropout.

So what can you do about the flu?

Focus on strengthening your immune system, eat as consciously as possible, minimize sugar, exercise and move your body, regularly wash your hands, and manage your stress during the flu season. And be sure to focus on high quality dietary supplements that have been shown to improve immunity. HERE is a great article discussing some of the key supplements to consider.

If you want to improve your immunity for this year’s cold and flu season, be sure to schedule your appointment at The Hormone Zone.


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