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A Big Fat Surprise

My writing style and my general style with my private patients is one of fairness and balance. I am open. I am willing. When there is a position that is opposite of mine within the health world, I stay open because there are many roads leading to health. Dr. John Lowe, the physician who wrote […]

Our Date with Destiny

Tony Robbins. A Thunderous Force. Like a thunderbolt he brings forward an energy to shake you from your ivory tower, bringing you crashing down to your True Self and what you have always needed to know. This is one of the most important keys to life. Get out of your ivory tower. Allow yourself to […]

Life Seeing Life

As a physician, I respect the depths, vastness, and the fragility of life. Every time a patient comes to see me, it is my opportunity to See an example of Life, and to engage in this process out of a trusting willingness of that person, with their free will, and they ask me one of […]

Thyroid Disease: 5 Tell-Tale Signs

Thyroid disease is a nationwide epidemic. It is lurking in the midst of millions of people, mostly women over 50, and is a large cause for so many feeling horrible. The thyroid can be over-functioning, which is called hyperthyroidism, and more typically, under-functioning, which is known as hypothyroidism, or low thyroid. Hypothyroidism is much more […]

Menopause:  A New Beginning!

Menopause is not a disease. Menopause is a stage of life.
Menopause is no more a disease process than puberty. We view puberty as a time of blossoming and beginning, and the related difficulties of the time period are accepted because we perceive that we are coming of age and transitioning into a time where the best is yet to come.

Why is it that menopause is not viewed in the same way? This is a time when most women have the opportunity to truly begin to know who they are and what they really want, and menopause harkens this transition.