Our Date with Destiny

Tony Robbins. A Thunderous Force. Like a thunderbolt he brings forward an energy to shake you from your ivory tower, bringing you crashing down to your True Self and what you have always needed to know. This is one of the most important keys to life. Get out of your ivory tower. Allow yourself to come out of the unreal construct of who you think you are and instead become exactly who you are meant to be. Achieving this often takes a crashing thunderbolt with a follow up fall. Not a fall from grace, but a fall from your self-constructed illusion that you are anything but great.

Cristina and I have already seen Tony Robbins back in 2012 at his Unleash the Power Within event. Four days of high octane energy. On the first night, after hearing Tony speak for 12 hours straight, (he does not urinate or drink water or take a break…really), we recognized enough of our own power to walk 15 feet over burning hot coals barefoot and celebrate our new understanding about life. It was spectacular, empowering, life-changing, and amazing…fun? Yes! Fun! Walking across hot coals is a hell of a lot of Fun!! Getting a glimpse of your own humanity and its ability to transcend, if only for a moment, is exactly what fun is!

In early December this year, we made another pilgrimage to Mastery University with Tony Robbins and attended his Date with Destiny Event. He ups the ante with six full days of intense 14 hour days. Total immersion he calls it and what a bath it is. The energy is high octane and the emotions of all kinds run the color spectrum like a perfect prism spinning on its end. In this event, we built on the personal power we realized before, and spent that week digging deep into why we do what we do. It was an exploration into our driving forces, what makes us act or fail to act, and how you can optimize the blueprint that leads to everything you do. The action is non-stop, often leaping out of our seats, jumping to the music, and celebrating the little achievements and standing in awe of the large ones. In front of over 2500 people, Tony Robbins performs interventional therapy on willing and even reluctant volunteers, that would impress any therapist or psychiatrist. With an immense sense of heart and love and a keen eye and a surgeons ability to ask the pertinent questions, his therapeutic approach has people realizing a renewed sense of their own stories and psychology.

One of the best things about the event for Cristina and I was the focus on Relationships. An entire day was devoted to this and although she and I consider ourselves to have an extraordinary relationship, we learned ways to make it even better. Over the next several weeks and well into the New Year, I will share with you some of the important ideas Cristina and I learned and how that may help you take charge of your life and your personal relationships and get exactly what you need.!

Live With Passion!

To Your (Passionate) Health!

Dr Robinson

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