What Shuts Down Intimacy in Your Relationship?

You want the secret, don’t you? What makes her really tick? What’s in that pretty little head…really? What makes him come back time and time again like a magnet and respond to you? What three things do women need and what shuts them down like turning off a light switch? And what about a man? What if you new the three actions you may be doing daily that makes him seal up tight and start running for the hills, and what can you do to make him want to be fully present? Keep reading…

Here are 3 proven aspects about how men and women communicate and interpret their worlds and what they really need to establish and continually enhance intimacy.

For women…

  1. Feeling UNSEEN

  2. Feeling UNSAFE or CAN’T TRUST

  3. Feeling that she is NOT UNDERSTOOD

For men…


  2. Feeling she is CLOSED OFF

  3. Feeling CONTROLLED

Gentlemen, she wants your attention, contstantly! She needs your constant reassurance…not occasionally…constantly! She lives off of being understood through your willingness to simply witness, listen, and not solve, all the time! Once a woman feels this it is easier for her find comfort to give you what you need. Give her what she NEEDS, not what she wants. She wants you to step and deliver the goods! Be present, be aware, and be a MAN!

Ladies, stop nagging…really. Let a man actually BE a man. Men close down and do not feel admired when they are being criticized. He is also looking for that crazy, open, fun-filled woman he first fell in love with. In other words, he wants you to be open and free and feminine. This is what he was attracted to in the first place. Men do not want to be controlled. It is the first step towards making them feel less like a man and leads to him shutting down. The moment you give him space because you truly want to and you do this in a confident way, he will be right back, guaranteed.

The way this works is to simply give. Just fill her up. Just admire him constantly. Don’t wait for the other person to do it, just start doing it yourself. But maybe showing him or her this little blog entry would be a place to start, but once they have read it and are aware, you should just do your part. It’s really simple. If she is feeling seen, safe and understood, she will have less of a need to nag, close up and be controlling. And if he is not being constantly criticized and controlled and senses you being open, he will want to be around, be fully present and fully understand you. This isn’t rocket science folks, but it takes a willing and brave genius to implement this on a daily basis.

To Your (Intimacy) and Health!

Dr. Robinson


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