Eat Like a Caveman for a Slimmer Waistline

Our ancestors had something figured out about nutrition without having to really “figure it out.” When it came to staying slim, our cave-dwelling forefathers (and foremothers!) had it in the bag because they simply eat what was naturally available. One of the best questions to ask in nutrition is “How did our ancestors eat?” And, “Was their daily diet beneficial for them?” Let’s start with the second question. Yes, their diet was extremely beneficial for their health, their physical performance, and inevitably, their waistline. Anthropological and archeological science continues to support some interesting facts about the health of our ancestors. By studying and observing the habits and health status of hunter-gatherer civilizations today, we see that they have virtually no cancer, stronger and thicker bones, no issues with menopause, low incidences of diabetes, and, you guessed it, a slimmer waistline. So what are they eating? Or not eating??

A modern take on this ancestral and indigenous way of eating is called The Paleo Diet. Simply, to eat like your hunter-gatherer ancestors would, you eliminate all grain-based carbohydrates and dairy products from your diet, including processed foods. You can eat animal proteins of all types, copious amounts of vegetables, limited fruit, and various nuts and seeds. You are eating what would have been available generally to a hunter-gatherer. This strategy drastically reduces the hormone insulin. When insulin is high, from eating large amounts of grains and other starchy carbohydrates, your body tends towards storing fat, particularly around your waistline. When insulin is kept low from reducing grain-based carbohydrates, your body tends to liberate fat automatically. It really is basic biochemistry. Nothing overly fancy here.

This diet is a general lifestyle commitment and when applied as a usual rule when eating, then a slimmer waistline can be just around the corner. Patients utilizing this lifestyle diet report an easier time losing fat, less bloating and digestive issues, reduced PMS and menstrual difficulties, improved hormones, clearer thinking and improved moods, better skin and less acne, and much more. Give it a try right now!

In my book, The Hormone Zone, I delve into science and practicality of The Paleo Diet, the excellent work of the pioneer nutritionist Weston A. Price, the mental and emotional components of eating, and the benefits of making whole food choices that are conducive towards weight management and hormonal balance.

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