UPDATE: A Massive (In) Justice!

UPDATE: Wonderful news for the Kidson family in the UK! I posted a blog article here about it a couple of weeks ago.

Here is an email I received from Dr. Hertoghe about the great news:

Many thanks for your testimonies and petitions.

MARY KIDSON, the mother of the hormone-treated child, is CLEARED OF ALL CHARGES AND FREE, OUT OF PRISON. Your testimonies and petitions were included in my medical report and have contributed to the success.

Mary Kidson is the mother who was imprisoned because she brought her daughter with six years of severe chronic fatigue syndrome (making it impossible for her to go to school) to my consultation and applied the hormone and nutritional treatments, which substantially improved her daughter’s health.

After two and a half weeks of a court trial with extensive media coverage the prosecution claims collapsed before defense witnesses would even provide their evidence.  I did however give evidence as an expert witness during the trial.

None of the absurd claims of potentially or actually harming the child made by the prosecution and the NHS were shown to have any grounds in reality.  In fact, the prosecution, child protection and NHS doctors have themselves severely traumatized child and mother, the child being now in a psychiatric institute with heavy psychotropic medication.

You can read more here for the BBC report, here for an article by the Daily Mail, and here for the coverage by the Independent.

HORMONE RIGHTS INTERNATIONAL: Let’s make that this will not happen again. Your personal testimonies have shown that this is an international problem, not only limited to the UK. We are building an internet organization similar to Amnesty International called “HORMONE RIGHTS INTERNATIONAL, organization of patients, physicians and other health professionals, to defend people’s right throughout the world for them and their family members to receive hormone therapy if they have hormone deficiencies.

Any attack against this right will put HORMONE RIGHTS INTERNATIONAL in action, launching internet news, emails and (post)mails from HORMONE RIGHTS INTERNATIONAL members to the institution that intervenes wrongly.  Patients should be free to attend a doctor of their choice without suffering interference by other medics or institutions.

Hormone deficiencies are as frequent as eye problems. Many of us are born hormone-deficient to some degree, and we all become more hormone-deficient with advancing age. Correcting these deficiencies with safe hormone doses gives to people their life and health back.

Become a free member by contacting ihs@intlhormonesociety.org

I am elated to hear this tremendous news, mostly for the family. However, it seems the young girl has a long road of recovery ahead of her.

When reading the media coverage reports I was very disconcerted by a couple of things. One, this poor girl was clearly suffering from low thyroid. From just the basic information about her symptoms, it just cried out low thyroid to me. But the conventional testing and diagnostics simply did not prove the obvious, so she was denied a simple yet profound medication…thyroid hormone. I wrote my book The Hormone Zone for the prime reason that conventional thyroid tests simply do not equivocally prove or disprove thyroid disease. And the second issue was how the NHS was referenced by either the author/s of the articles or even the mother of the child. The mother was quoted. “I learned that the NHS test for low thyroid could show you as having a healthy level when you didn’t.” I take issue with the phrase “the NHS test”. The NHS is the socialist medical system of the UK, or National Health Service, or in the American vernacular…Obamacare. The mother innocently refers to her ability to have a blood test as the “NHS test”, not the doctor’s blood test, or her private insurance’s blood test, or the blood test she wanted ordered on behalf of her child, or the blood test based on science, but the test dictated by the bureaucracy of their medical system. This could be our future…seeing our medical system as just that…The System. An Entity. A Golem that we will have to refer to for our idea of medicine, health and healing, or personal truth and conscience. The UK was the first country to have this type of medical system, just after World War II. So British Subjects have had 70 years of conditioning. And despite that clockwork orange conditioning, this brave mother dared to seek advice and treatment for her family outside of the system…and the Golem struck back.

Freedom my friends. Freedom. Freedom to choose. Freedom to rise and fall by your own volition, and extract the lessons from those decisions for your own sake. To seek your own truth, your own path. This is to have lived. And this is to find Healing.

To Your Freedom & Health,

Dr. Robinson

p.s. Be sure to Vote your conscience today.

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