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Thyroid Disease: 5 Tell-Tale Signs

Thyroid disease is a nationwide epidemic. It is lurking in the midst of millions of people, mostly women over 50, and is a large cause for so many feeling horrible. The thyroid can be over-functioning, which is called hyperthyroidism, and more typically, under-functioning, which is known as hypothyroidism, or low thyroid. Hypothyroidism is much more […]

Menopause:  A New Beginning!

Menopause is not a disease. Menopause is a stage of life.
Menopause is no more a disease process than puberty. We view puberty as a time of blossoming and beginning, and the related difficulties of the time period are accepted because we perceive that we are coming of age and transitioning into a time where the best is yet to come.

Why is it that menopause is not viewed in the same way? This is a time when most women have the opportunity to truly begin to know who they are and what they really want, and menopause harkens this transition.

UPDATE: A Massive (In) Justice!

Mary Kidson is the mother who was imprisoned because she brought her daughter with six years of severe chronic fatigue syndrome (making it impossible for her to go to school) to my consultation and applied the hormone and nutritional treatments, which substantially improved her daughter’s health.

After two and a half weeks of a court trial with extensive media coverage the prosecution claims collapsed before defense witnesses would even provide their evidence. I did however give evidence as an expert witness during the trial.

None of the absurd claims of potentially or actually harming the child made by the prosecution and the NHS were shown to have any grounds in reality. In fact, the prosecution, child protection and NHS doctors have themselves severely traumatized child and mother, the child being now in a psychiatric institute with heavy psychotropic medication.

Happy “Hypno-Birthing” Birthday!

A year ago today, my Wife gave birth to our daughter Ilora Maria. Miracles exist and I witnessed one on that day.

The moment frozen in silence, like the space that exists between breaths, right there in front of me. I witnessed it and I am grateful for the grace to be able to witness the truth that was before me. That’s all we can ever hope to do. Just witness the truth. Be present to it. But there were some unique and interesting aspects to her birth that were a little out of the norm.

Really Old School Eating

In my book, The Hormone Zone, I discuss one of the best ways to eat for optimal health. It spells out how to eat like our ancestors did. Old School Eating…or, Before there was School Eating. Our ancestors, going way back over 10,000 years ago, used to eat in a particular way, with little variance […]

Winter is Coming!

Block those colds and flus this year…Naturally! For all you Game of Thrones fans out there, “Winter is Coming!” But there won’t be any zombie-like White Walkers to contend with, just those nasty, snotty colds and fever causing, wiped-out-feeling flu! Are you ready? Really ready? Let me show you how to build your immune system […]

A Massive Injustice

What if your ability to choose your medical treatments was taken away? What if your ability to choose how you want your own children to be medically treated was taken away? Be aware. Freedom may be going out of style. I received an email today from a respected colleague. He is a pioneer in the use […]

Got Carbs? Got Cancer.

Recent preliminary research is confirming the association of increased carbohydrate intake and breast cancer recurrence. Cancer feeds off of sugar (glucose) and we have known this for a long time. But science is taking it a step further and measuring a biomarker called the IGF1 (Insulin like Glucose Factor 1) receptor. This receptor is found […]