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An Expert Take on Eroxon ED Gel

There’s been plenty of buzz lately surrounding the FDA’s newest approved drug for treating ED, an OTC topical medication that touts natural stimulation within 10 minutes as opposed to the 30-60 minutes it takes the typical PDE5i medication like Viagra. However, experts like hormone and ED specialist Dr. John Robinson, Chief Medical Officer of The […]

STUDY: Comparison of Outcomes for Hypogonadal Men Treated with Intramuscular Testosterone Cypionate versus Subcutaneous Testosterone Enanthate

At The Hormone Zone, we have been utilizing this advanced technique of Subcutaneous Testosterone Injections since 2015, now with over 7 years of experience perfecting its application. I am committed to staying on the cutting edge of this medicine, and I quickly understood that Subcutaneous Testosterone Injections was a superior way to administer hormone, keeping […]

Study Shows Low Testosterone Levels in Men Relate to COVID-19 Hospitalizations

Testosterone is a powerful hormone responsible for many things in the body, including sexual response, strength, stamina, memory and focus, increased motivation, improved metabolism, and body composition, and many other benefits. There are several key benefits of testosterone that are often overlooked, and relate directly towards improving and maintaining the immune system: Decreasing inflammation: Excessive […]

Call Me, Maybe? The Answers to all your Electromagnetic Field (EMF) and Wifi Questions

Ding. Buzz. Ping. Cellphone, check. Computer, check. Ipad, check. Smart Watch, check. This is the all too familiar sounds and look of our day-to-day life. You’re probably rolling your eyes and saying, “Dr. V I have heard this spiel before. What’s new?” What if you knew that the energy, or the electromagnetic field (EMF), being […]

IV Hormone Optimization

Here at the Hormone Zone we use IV Nutritional Therapy as an integral part in improving and optimizing health. By bypassing the digestive system, nutrients introduced intravenously are more readily and rapidly absorbed (in comparison to oral supplementation). Thus providing the body with an increase in energy and cell function. Our unique IV blend contains […]