Study Shows Low Testosterone Levels in Men Relate to COVID-19 Hospitalizations

Testosterone is a powerful hormone responsible for many things in the body, including sexual response, strength, stamina, memory and focus, increased motivation, improved metabolism, and body composition, and many other benefits.

There are several key benefits of testosterone that are often overlooked, and relate directly towards improving and maintaining the immune system:

  1. Decreasing inflammation: Excessive inflammation hinders the immune system.
  2. Mitigating oxidative stress: All flu-like diseases, including COVID-19, cause oxidative damage.
  3. Regulating the cytokine response: “Cytokine Storm” is an overpowering immune response directly related to COVID-19 and a major reason people die from the disease.
  4. Decreases body fat: Obesity is a major risk factor for dying from COVID-19.
  5. Lowers the risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease: Also two major co-morbid diseases related to COVID-19 deaths.

In a new German study titled: “The majority of male patients with COVID-19 present low testosterone levels on admission to Intensive Care in Hamburg, Germany: a retrospective cohort study”, researchers have seen the correlations of low testosterone levels in men admitted to the hospital for COVID-19 infections. They show that critically ill male COVID-19 patients suffer from severe testosterone deficiency, which is required to mount antiviral immune responses to combat infection in males.

They conclude: “It seems that several conditions are combined in male COVID-19 patients that are associated with low testosterone levels (increasing age, obesity, type II diabetes, cytokine storm). Thus, these multiple testosterone-reducing hits eventually lead to severe deficiencies in testosterone and dihydrotestosterone levels in male COVID-19 patients preventing them to mount sufficient immune responses to combat the deadly infection. These findings might help to discuss personalized intervention strategies for male COVID-19 patients taking e.g. established protocols for the treatment of male hypogonadism into consideration.”

We agree with their conclusions and believe that improving your health by controlling your weight, lowering your risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease, improving your protective antioxidant status in your body, and optimizing your testosterone levels are all part of a healthy and robust immune system.

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