An Expert Take on Eroxon ED Gel

There’s been plenty of buzz lately surrounding the FDA’s newest approved drug for treating ED, an OTC topical medication that touts natural stimulation within 10 minutes as opposed to the 30-60 minutes it takes the typical PDE5i medication like Viagra. However, experts like hormone and ED specialist Dr. John Robinson, Chief Medical Officer of The Hormone Zone, are hesitant to believe the hype.

“We see men every day who have fallen victim to the latest fad, gimmick, or promised ‘quick fix’ for ED,” says Dr. John Robinson, who has nearly two decades of experience treating men with ED. “For most men, products like Eroxon do not work effectively because they don’t treat the root causes of ED, and we hate to see patients wasting hard-earned money on disappointments when proven solutions are readily available.”

For Dr. Robinson and the physicians at The Hormone Zone, treating ED successfully means helping patients see results, often on their first visit. With treatments like the P-shot, Trimix injections, and BoCox, men who have struggled with ED in the past can start experiencing real improvements in everything from sexual stamina and performance to increased libido, sensitivity, and even length and/or girth.

What Eroxon Is—And What It Isn’t

Eroxon is a non-medicated hydro-alcoholic topical gel that claims to “kickstart” the nerve stimulation needed for a natural erection. According to the manufacturer, the gel is applied to the head of the penis, where it penetrates the epidermis to the nerve endings in the dermis and produces a cooling feeling. As the gel evaporates, it creates a warming sensation that helps the blood vessels in the penis dilate, increasing blood flow and promoting the enlargement of the penis toward an erection hard enough for sex.

Eroxon is not considered a prescription medication because there are no active ingredients, classifying it as a “de novo” over-the-counter physical product rather than a pharmacological one. It is the cooling and warming effect of the gel evaporating that creates physical stimulation via nerves instead of through chemicals.

However, Eroxon is not a complete solution for treating ED; it is only effective 65% of the time, and even the manufacturer’s website cautions that ED is a complex and complicated condition with many possible causes and contributing factors, suggesting patients still consult a doctor about more comprehensive treatments.

“We don’t like those odds at all,” says Dr. Robinson, “not when we offer highly individualized treatments with a 95% or higher effectiveness rate.”

Additionally, the topical nature of Eroxon limits efficacy in dosage control and results, since absorption can take longer, and the medication may not completely absorb. There are also a myriad of variables that can affect how effective Eroxon is in different situations for different men for inconsistent results.

Integrative ED Solutions for Optimal Results

ED affects more than half of all men between the ages of 40 and 70, with millions more experiencing other symptoms of less-than-optimal sexual health. Despite its prevalence, there is rarely a direct line between the cause and the effect, making it challenging to treat ED based on the symptoms alone.

Moreover, ED is frequently a critical indicator of overall health and a potential signal for conditions like pre-diabetes, heart disease, and low testosterone, among others. Beyond treating just the symptoms of ED, your doctor should also check for things like sleep apnea and high blood pressure or if you are overweight.

Erectile function is sensitive to fluctuating hormones, so unbalanced hormones or low T can lead to ED, and ED can also be a side effect of certain medications, including antidepressants and blood pressure medicines; health-related behaviors or lifestyle factors such as smoking or excessive alcohol consumption; and psychological or emotional issues like stress, depression, and anxiety.

Successfully treating ED requires an integrative, whole-person approach that takes into account how all of the systems in your body are working together, because dysfunction in one tends to lead to dysfunction in another.

“At The Hormone Zone,” says Dr. Robinson, “we seek to diagnose the direct cause of ED, then choose from a suite of cutting-edge and specialized medical approaches that actually deliver long-term, lasting results.”

The ED solutions available at The Hormone Zone are designed to improve your symptoms by improving how your body functions from the inside out. Treatments are tailored to each patient and often include a combination of traditional and alternative therapies, such as:

At best, Eroxon is another tool in your doctor’s proverbial kit with its own pros and cons and is better suited for complementing other more effective solutions. Eroxon may help reduce barriers to therapy for ED for many men, making initial treatment more accessible, and its good safety profile and low incidence of side effects mean it could be used long-term for men who can’t or don’t want to use oral medication. It is ultimately, however, more of a temporary band-aid than tried-and-true treatment and warrants discretion for use as a “cure-all.”

ED Solutions That Work from The Hormone Zone

At The Hormone Zone, we know that sexual wellness is just one part of living your best life possible. That’s why we offer a holistic approach to men’s health that relies on proven therapies, measurable results, and effective implementation. We start with in-depth testing and analysis from the very beginning and track your progress at regular intervals to make sure the custom treatment plan we design for you is actually working. If we aren’t seeing the results we want, we’ll make the necessary adjustments or pivot to one of our other solutions.

Don’t settle for an over-the-counter “aspirin” approach to your ED; you and your partner deserve proven solutions that truly deliver what they promise. If you or your partner are tired of dealing with ED, contact The Hormone Zone today and schedule a consultation. 

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