Call Me, Maybe? The Answers to all your Electromagnetic Field (EMF) and Wifi Questions

Ding. Buzz. Ping. Cellphone, check. Computer, check. Ipad, check. Smart Watch, check. This is the all too familiar sounds and look of our day-to-day life. You’re probably rolling your eyes and saying, “Dr. V I have heard this spiel before. What’s new?” What if you knew that the energy, or the electromagnetic field (EMF), being emitted from these gadgets were the cause for many of your health complaints and preventing you from living optimally? Would you change your daily habits?

What kind of energy is Wifi putting out?

Wifi routers use Radio Frequency (RF) energy to connect you to the internet, emitting a low level of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), a type of EMF or electromagnetic field. Computers, TVs, Smart Tablets, Smart Watches, and Cellphones all emit similar energy and expose us to EMFs.

Can EMF exposure negatively impact my health?

Yes, research articles published in the Environmental Research Journal have reported the following:

  • Insomnia + Sleep Issues

  • Infertility in Men: Reduced Sperm Quality and Vitality

  • Hormone Disruption

  • Blood Pressure Dysregulation

  • Cell Death, Oxidation, and Mitochondrial Injury

What can I do to protect myself?

  • STOP putting cell phones in your back pocket and in your bra! I can’t stress to you enough the importance of finding another place for your cell phone that is not on you.

  • Power Off. Turn off Cellphones, Computers, Wifi, Bluetooth, Printers, and other wireless devices when not in use. TIP: Plug your Wifi box into a plug-in timer. This allows you an easy way to have your Wifi exposure reduced at nighttime.

  • Set devices on airplane mode.

  • Follow the “Opt Outdoors” trend.  Getting outside and out in nature reduces your need for technology and your exposure to constant Wifi.



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