What is Metabolism?

Metabolism is the underlying process within all of your body cells, both physically and mentally, that drives the forces that allow you to realize health. The word Metabolism comes from the Greek word “metabole” which means “to change.” And when referring to the concept of Metabolic Health, it is describing the process of creating a […]

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Fibrocystic Breast Disease & Iodine

Fibrocystic Breast Disease (FBD) is a condition where the breasts contain varying sized painful cysts.  The overall structure of the breast tissue changes include hyperplasia (increased cells) and mostly fibrosis or hardening.  The disease is widespread and increasing in prevalence, affecting approximately 80% of North American women compared to only 3% in a report from 1928. 

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Vitamin “Hormone” D

Vitamin “Hormone” D is an amazing vitamin responsible for a multitude of physiological functions in your body.  And it seems that this potent energizing cancer-protecting “pro hormone” is epidemically low across the population.  Let’s explore this underestimated vitamin that is making a epic return to the forefront of medicine, why it’s important, and why most

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Broken Things

A wrist watch, a car window, and a satellite dish. I watched in horror when they all broke, not knowing what my next move would be. How was I going to move forward if I did not have these things? Why were they breaking now? Can I repair them? Of course I can, I will

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Weight Loss Potential of Bitter Orange

Metabolism enhancement comes in many forms.  There are many different weight loss supplements available on the market and not all are safe or have any science behind their clinical effectiveness.  However, some are better than others and “Bitter Orange” has excellent potential to aid in your metabolic boosting quest.  Read on… The Basics Citrus aurantium,

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