No FDA Approved Treatments for COVID-19…Yet!

As scientists and medical professionals continue to diligently work towards finding viable and effective treatments, there is ongoing discoveries that show incredible promise.

Here are four medications that the World Health Organization will be launching clinical trials for:

  • Remdesivir (anti viral)
  • Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine (anti malarial)
  • Ritonavir/lopinavir (anti viral)
  • Ritonavir/lopinavir and interferon-beta (anti viral)

These are beginning to be used sporadically and we are still waiting for the general widespread use of these options. We are hopeful that things will change soon.


In the meantime…

What we do understand is that the best possible outcomes to minimize the negative effects if the virus is contracted is to:

  • Preventively boost and balance the immune system (multiple botanical, nutritional, and peptide therapies exist to boost the immune system in general, although nothing specific to COVID-19 can be claimed.)
  • Increase the white blood cell lymphocytes (low lymphocytes are associated with poor outcomes)
  • Decrease inflammation (high inflammatory markers such as CRP are associated with poor outcomes)
  • Reduce and eliminate co-morbid diseases such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and diabetes (Diseases that are clearly associated with an increased mortality rate with contracting COVID.)
  • Enhance Antioxidant Status (low anti-oxidant status in the body is associated with increased physical symptoms of the flu.)

At The Hormone Zone, we are fighting the spread and potentially devastating results of COVID-19 through our Mission by assisting our patients to be as healthy as possible and by promoting the proper suggestions put forth by the Federal Government and the CDC. Where we are not “preventing” COVID-19, we are optimizing the health of our patients to minimize the results of any type of infection.

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