Nature Throid New Formulation

I have had some patients bring to my attention about the new formulation that Nature Thyroid has undergone.  In April 2010, the manufacturers of Nature Thyroid reformulated their product to improve its absorbability and to take an already very clean product and make it even cleaner.  I have used their product for years and have found their company to continually commit to improving standards and making this vital hormone available to the public.

I have posted this blog entry to help to clarify any questions that may come up about the effectiveness of the new formulation.  I have not seen anything negative at all regarding the reformulation.  If anything, the new formulation should make it easier for patients to take the medication “sublingually” or allowing it to dissolve under the tongue.  I always promote this method of taking natural thyroid hormone which increases absorbability and improves treatment outcomes.

Here is a direct announcement from RLC Labs, Inc.

“All new Nature-Thyroid and Westhroid dosages will now incorporate minor upgrades indicated below.

The decision for these minor upgrades was based on extensive evaluation and the premise of reducting levels of inactive ingredients. This allows for a more stable and cleaner product while still providing effective and consistent results.

1. New Imprint Codes on the tablets for better product identification

2. Removal of Carnuaba Wax

3. Removal of Hydroypropyl Methylecllulose

4. Upgrade from Sodium Starch Glycolate to Croscarmellose Sodium (for improved disintegration)

5. Upgrade to Opadry II 85F19316 Clear coating solution (for improved stabilization and odor reduction)

The present other ingredients: Colloidal Silicon Dioxide, Dicalcium Phosphate, Magnesium Stearate, Microcrystalline Cellulose and Stearic Acid (Lactose Monohydrate exists in traceable amounts as a diluent in Thyroid USP active ingredient) has NOT changed from the original formula.

Every batch of Nature-Thyroid/Westthroid continues to be monitored with extensive laboratory assays to ensure its purity, potency and consistency.

These improvements are RLC’s commitments to continue on betterment of NDT treatment.

Thank you for your continued support in our products.”

Note:  Dr John Robinson NMD has no direct affiliation or financial interest in RLC Labs Inc. or the manufacture of Nature Thyroid.

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