Making Sense of Menopause: A New Beginning

A small excerpt from the upcoming book by Dr. Robinson “Metabolic Health Transformation”.


Menopause is Not a Disease

Menopause is a stage of life.  Menopause is no more a disease process than puberty.  We view puberty as a time of blossoming and beginning, and the related difficulties of the time period are accepted because we perceive that we are coming of age and transitioning into a time where the best has yet to come.  Why is it that menopause is not viewed in the same way?  This is a time when most women have the opportunity to truly begin to know who they are and what they really want, and menopause harkens this transition.  As most journeys are wrought with peril, the journey of menopause is no different.  But there are tools that you can carry with you along the way to aid and assist, making the journey possible, a little more manageable, and even enlightening.  This book intends to provide you with some of those tools.

Some of the psychological issues that women experience during this time largely surround the idea of fertility and the ability to conceive.  As most women have revealed to me, conception is a centralized theme in a woman’s life.  I have spoken to women who have absolutely never wanted to conceive and had no children of their own, but upon entering the permanency of menopause, mourned the passing of this rite of womanhood.  But, the best has yet to come, if you know how to find it.  The idea of conception is not just limited to conceiving a child.  It is also about conceiving ideas and deeper truth.  Women possess a unique perspective and ability in this regard.

Nurturing the Nurturer

Women inherently are caretakers.  My own mother was and is spectacular in this regard.  She sacrificed much for me along my own journey, as so many mothers and women do for their children and loved ones.  I have spoken with so many women who are absolutely devoted to their families, putting all aside for them.  Sometimes this devotion is to an extreme, where a woman will even neglect herself during the process of taking care of others, often to the detriment of her health.  And that is the irony.  If the caretaker does not take care of herself, she will ultimately not be the best caretaker for those who need her.  Be good to yourself.  Now is the time.

As a woman enters into this new stage in her life, she may find that her role as caregiver is not the same.  Children grow up and leave the home to create new lives for themselves.

This creates a natural space for a woman to explore herself where it can be filled with lifelong dreams.  Now is a time to be alive in a different way.  Your creative force is now even more powerful, if you allow it to flourish.

  • Travel the world, or at least your own back yard.
  • Be philanthropic on your own terms, giving when and how you chose.
  • Go back to school, learn for the sake of learning.
  • Create your own business, or offer your gifts to the workforce.
  • Focus on your own spiritual path, join and contribute to a church or faith group.

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