Improve Your Orgasm With the O-Shot

Improve your Orgasm With the O-shot

You may have heard before that the female orgasm is a bit of a mystery. At The Hormone Zone we are unveiling the “Big-O” for women all over Scottsdale. To understand female orgasm we need to understand all the parts involved. We divide this system into three parts: THE CONTROL CENTER, THE EMOTIONS, and THE ANATOMY.

THE CONTROL CENTER- The brain harbors much power during sex. We want to shed light specifically on the left temporal lobe and pituitary gland. One key thing we have learned from, Dr. Charles Runels, MD creator of the O-Shot, is the less the female is aware of her surroundings, the less stimulated her left temporal lobe is. This is key for women to achieve orgasm. Being in a safe environment where the woman can let go, feels safe and enjoy her experience is necessary for shutting off the activity in the left temporal lobe.  The pituitary gland is the master of many hormones including the ones that signal the ovaries, adrenal glands and testes in men. When in states of stress such as sleep deprivation these organ systems are impacted by the pituitary and receive the negative repercussions. At the Hormone Zone we work with our patients individually to make sure stress management is a part of their sexual health while also addressing hormonal dysfunctions.

THE EMOTIONS- Aside from the positive impact feeling safe and loved has on the brain during sex, we also find the female’s orgasms impact each other. One experience will build on the one before it. In other words, if a woman has a great orgasm with her partner the first time, she is more likely to have a positive experience the second time because she is more easily aroused. Similarly if she experiences pain or discomfort during previous orgasms it can become increasing harder for her to climax during her next experiences. Our physicians encourage our patients to have fun with this and enjoy the process of communication in the bedroom.

THE ANATOMY- Here we focus on a few main parts the: vagina, G-Spot and clitoris. The vagina is the least sensitive of the three. It is mostly stimulated by to the feeling of pressure and stretch provided by penetration. The G-spot which we target during the O-shot procedure is actually found on the front or anterior part of the vaginal canal. When stimulated it pushes against the urethra and causes sexual stimulation and can even contribute to female ejaculation. Lastly the clitoris is found externally just above the urethra. While most think it is just a small piece of sensitive tissue on the outside, the clitoris actually extends between 5-6 inches inside the body. The exposed portion of the clitoris originates from the same embryologic tissue as the head of the penis.  Knowing this, it is not surprising that it is the most sensitive. The remaining portion of the clitoris can be comparable to the shaft of the penis. All parts of the anatomy work together in synergy while orgasm is being achieved.


  1. 1. Collecting Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP): This is what we the call Liquid Gold. Your  body’s natural growth factor simulators are highly concentrated in the PRP and this  the active ingredient in the O-Shot. The Hormone Zone Phlebotomist will draw 1 vial of your blood.  This vial is spun down for 15 minutes in the centrifuge which separates your Red  Blood Cells from the Plasma. The phlebotomist will then harvest the high concentrated PRP from the top of the vial.
  2. Applying Anesthetic: During the time your blood is in the centrifuge, the medical assistant and your Hormone Zone doctor will numb the clitoris and vagina with a topical aesthetic to make the procedure more comfortable. Once the cream is activated the doctor will inject additional anesthetic into the clitoris and vagina where the PRP will be placed.
  3. Injection of PRP: Once the patient is completely numb, the remaining portion of the procedure only takes a couple additional minutes. Using a very small needle the doctor will inject a couple milliliters of the PRP into the Clitoris and G-spot of the vagina. The patient is able    to walk away from the procedure with minimal discomfort and no down time. The magic of the PRP happens over the next few weeks as the PRP stimulates collagen regrowth and growth  factor activation. As a result these areas experience increased blood flow, cell proliferation, and sensitization. The G-spot is made plump and sensitive to stimulation during penetration. The clitoris has enhanced stimulation and women experience reduced incontinence or urinary leakage.

The Hormone Zone is dedicated to addressing all the aspects of female orgasm from head to toe. We pay special attention to the needs of each patient ensuring the best avenue to better sexual health. Specialized training, years of experience in hormone health and very satisfied patients leave us confident in our ability to serve the women of the Valley.


Runels, C., MD. (2013). Activate the Female Orgasm System: The Story of O-shot. Createspace Independent Pub. doi:Createspace Independent Pub, 2013

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