Those Tighty Whities Are Increasing Your Estrogen!!


It’s not that we actually needed another reason to avoid the fashion faux pas tighty whities, but here is another one anyway! Those tighty whitey underwear are helping to increase your estrogen and lower your testosterone, a horrible combination.

Tight underwear and tight pants are constricting your manhood and not letting them catch their breath. When the testicles are constricted, blood vessels become compressed causing ischemia or a lack of fresh blood and oxygen. The testicles and all of their blood vessels want to breath and be happy and free.

There are two types of cells in your testicles, Leydig cells and Sertoli cells. Leydig cells produce testosterone and Sertoli cells produce estrogen. When the testicles are constricted, the Leydig cells suffer more than the Sertoli cells, so the overall net amount of testosterone plummets and the Sertoli cells keep producing estrogen. Bad mix!

By the way, Sertoli cells make sperm, but the only way Sertoli cells adequately make sperm is through stimulation of testosterone from the Leydig cells. But remember those tighty whities are choking the Leydig cells out like Hoyce Gracie of the UFC. So, sperm count goes down also!!

Since I was tortured with these types of diagrams in medical school, I thought I would pass on some of the love to you! 🙂 You can see that the Leydig cells are the small blue dots on the left. They are making testosterone and that stimulates the Sertoli cells to make sperm.

High estrogen levels in men are associated with prostate cancer, enlargement of the prostate (BPH), and breast growth that is then associated with increased risks of breast cancer. Yes, men get breast cancer too!

Some other causes for high estrogen levels in men include excess caffeinated beverages, heavy alcohol consumption, obesity and high body fat. Caffeine and alcohol shut the testicles down and lower testosterone production at the Leydig cell but those Sertoli cells keep on trucking, increasing estrogen. And body fat breeds estrogen because it is also transforms testosterone into estrogen.

But simply switching from those tighty whities and tight pants to looser boxers or boxer briefs and loose pants, you could naturally lower your estrogen levels by 20 to 70%!

So head on over to the mall and make your switch today! Your testicles will thank you!!

To Your Normal Estrogen Health!

Dr. Robinson

p.s. Do you know who is featured in the picture? Hint: The Gipper. Who would of thought of him as an underwear model???

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