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The Hormone Zone: Navigate Metabolism Towards Whole Health Transformation

May 6, 2012

At the time I am writing this, it is now nearly six months since my book, The Hormone Zone, was published, printed, and available for readers to enjoy. It has taken on a momentum of its own, a life-thread of its own, within the tapestry of medicine, hormones, and whole health transformation. It is starting to become what I truly envisioned, more than the sum of its parts, as a beacon for people to begin to understand more about themselves and their health. People are truly benefitting from the information within the book and as they tell me, are beginning to take action towards improving their lives and their health. Some have now personally told me “The book has changed my life…” This was always my deepest desire and reason for writing the book and making it available. I wanted to reveal to people that they can change their lives, if pointed in the right direction and possess a willingness to walk on the road, one foot in front of the other, consistently. So often, people are simply off the road to wellness, and are not getting what they truly desire. My mission is to help people realize what they truly desire and how to get it. The current vehicle of this mission has been this book.

The Hormone Zone provides an instructional manual on how to navigate your health. But like any map, it is merely a configuration, a virtual reality that is to echo that personal reality that exists within the reader seeking out health. Early in the book, the reader is invited to start to figure out exactly what they want with their health, how it would look, how it would feel, and how this would change their lives forever.

In over 500 pages, readers will explore the deeper concept of metabolism, or “metabole,” which implies “change.” Exploration starts in the world of hormones, female menopause, male andropause, thyroid, adrenals, and weight management strategies. Answers to the questions of “How will hormones help me and do I need them?”, “How can I help my thyroid and all the weight I have gained?”, and “I am exhausted, stressed, depressed, and I just don’t feel like myself, what can I do?!?” Among the direct answers and solutions to these questions, readers also enjoy a journey into the definitions of true healing and how to begin to achieve this. From there, a very comprehensive seven step protocol is laid out to allow the interested reader, the intrepid health enthusiast, to understand the typical issues facing us and literally waiting for us as we age. Step by step the reader will understand how to analyze their unique health status through in depth questionnaires, learn how to lay a strong foundation of practical health solutions, explore the world of hormones, demystify the confusion surrounding the thyroid gland, and reveal the physical solution to stress and the adrenal glands. Even more clarity is provided to the reader with instruction on nutritional support, diet as lifestyle, and practical solutions towards how to get your energy back and keep it. Hidden within the pages, and within plain sight, the reader will find strategies for mental, emotional, and even spiritual understandings and how these important factors affect our health on every level including our energy and how we physically feel.

The book was written for the patient, for the average reader simply seeking something new for their health journey. However, the book is ripe with scientific research and laden with natural healing philosophy, brought together in a synthesis that aids the conventional physician in understanding a deeper formulation for arriving at complete health. Doctors will appreciate this process of scientific validation and intellectual alternative viewpoints, that allows the patient — the one important thing for all physicians — to have a new full and free opportunity for realizing health.

The Hormone Zone is also for those people who are already well on the road to health, who have been seeking and finding answers for a long time. These veteran health enthusiasts will learn how to take the momentum of years of health effort and good lifestyle choices and shift to the next level. Remember that the difference between excellence and outstanding is only a fraction of an inch, a final step, one more choice and decision. The Hormone Zone can be that next piece to the puzzle that brings it all together leading you from excellent health to outstanding health.

Now The Hormone Zone proves to provide a foundation to launch even more insight into the very large and daunting landscape of health. From here, the book promises to lead into large seminar experiences where readers and guests will find deeper meanings about their health on every level. In my seminar experience called Life Transformation, my guests will have the unique opportunity to delve even deeper into the book and find new strategies to live the life they have always wanted. I invite you to come with me on this journey and personally experience what your health, and life, could really be like!

To Your Health!

Dr. John A. Robinson

America’s Natural Health Expert


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