The Best Way to Enhance Sexual Desire

At The Hormone Zone, we look at your hormones and health comprehensively. And the best approach to help enhance sexual desire and function is to comprehensively approach all of the levels that affect it.

There are three main categories that affect sexual desire and optimal function which include the Nervous System Level, Hormone Level and Tissue Level. All three need to be considered to give the best results. Often current medical solutions only work on one level at a time and both men and women do not get the results they are looking for.

Let’s go through these three levels and we will provide effective solutions for each and really ignite your libido!


Most of the sexual response comes from stimulation of a certain part of your brain called the amygdala. One of the key hormones that affects this melanin, through the melanocortin receptors. Dopamine is also another hormone that affects sexual arousal. If you are having trouble with sexual arousal, then perhaps you need a boost in both melanin and dopamine. One of the best ways to help with this is Bremelanotide, a cutting-edge peptide.


This is a simple Peptide, or small protein, part of the “Peptide Therapy” that we offer at The Hormone Zone. It stimulates the nervous system in a very particular way to induce hyperarousal and enhanced libido. Bremelanotide has been studied in more than 30 clinical trials with over 2,500 people. Bremelanotide is administered in a simple injection with a very small needle in the abdomen, about 4 hours prior to expected sexual activity.

The results are profound for most patients. We believe this will revolutionize the sexual world. The great thing is, Bremelanotide can be used for BOTH MEN AND WOMEN! Men experience increased erections and libido through stimulating the nervous system the same way it does for women.


This is one of the best therapeutic tools to help men and women with low libido. At The Hormone Zone, we have specialized in enhancing hormone balance and improving sexual response since 2006. We know a thing or two about it, particularly with improving testosterone levels for men and women.

Testosterone enhances the nervous system and stimulates erections and penile sensitivity in men. For women, it creates changes to the vulva by increasing blood flow, improving sensitivity including the clitoris, improving secretion, and enhancing muscle tone, all this helps with improving sexual activity.

But testosterone is only one of the hormones responsible for sexual arousal. Both men and women need the proper balance of estrogen. Too much or too little can cause libido changes for both sexes. Another hormone to consider is prolactin, a hormone that when in excess will block the sexual response and arousal. Many people have elevated prolactin levels that are in part responsible for their low libido. Unfortunately, most doctors do not check for it nor know what to do if the levels are elevated. At The Hormone Zone, we understand your unique hormonal needs.

There are many ways to balance all of your hormones, and your Hormone Zone doctor will help you to decide which way is best for you. We focus on results and comprehensive balance. Be sure to explore our website for more information.


If your hormone balance is in place, then often another area to consider is the actual sexual organs. If the penis does not have the ability to respond to a psychological response or a hormonal response, then you’re stuck. You may “want to”, but functionally, the penis does not respond due to improper blood and nervous flow. For women, the tissues of the vulva can become damaged through childbirth or simply age through long term hormonal imbalances. And the tissues may not be able to respond in order to enhance sexual arousal or to enjoy sexual intercourse.

When the sexual organs need a little more help, then we have the option of the O Shot for women and the P Shot for men. Both of these simple procedures utilize PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma, a component of your own blood that helps to stimulate and regenerate new tissue. PRP is all natural because it is your own blood. It has been used in orthopedic settings for joint repair for the past 20 years, with no known negative side effects. This same technology is applied to the sexual organs in a simple procedure taking minutes. And after a few short weeks, most people have a noticeable difference. For women, they experience improved sensitivity, secretion, and tone, with it also helping with urinary incontinence. For men, they benefit from improved erections, sensitivity, and even experience the bonus of increased penis length and girth.

The O Shot and P Shot literally enhance and restore the tissues of the sexual organs, regenerating new blood vessels and new nerves. The tissue literally changes.

Both Dr. Robinson and Dr. Bosch are trained in this procedure and certified O and P Shot Providers. Dr. Robinson has taken a special interest in these procedures and has seen a lot of success thus far. Explore our website for more information on how the O and P Shots can help you and your sexual health.

In Summary…

When you are needing the best possible treatment choices for your sexual arousal, you need a doctor that will consider all of these levels for you and know how it all works together comprehensively. Sexual Arousal is a complicated matter that when treated comprehensively, becomes elegantly simple because the results are often very profound. We look forward to hearing from you.

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