Squeeze Your Way to Recovery!

Aches, twitches, stitches, cramps, spasms, stiffness, discomfort, and pain! How do you help yourself?

Exercise is wonderful for you, but it also can beat you up if you are not careful. When I was much younger, my pre-workout warm up consisted of walking really close to a couple of overheated drip-sweating patrons. And through the grace of youth, I would make it through my workouts relatively unscathed and then walk out without a care in the world. Occasionally I would stretch, but it was never a focus. I never thought about “recovery” then because I just didn’t think it was important. At 42, with more of a powerlifting/Olympic lifting weight regimen, I absolutely need to focus on recovery, and so do you, no matter what your age. If you are not fully recovered from a workout, whatever it is that you do, you will not be ready for the next workout or session to be able to progress. This applies to weight lifting, aerobics, pilates, yoga, bike riding, or just walking. Any exercise.

I started to dig into some ways to improve my recovery and it brought me back to good ‘ol fashioned R.I.C.E.! This is an acronym standing for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. This is a basic, fundamental, time-tested concept for recovery and injury treatment used by top athletes, weekend warriors, and anyone looking to just feel better from exercise. “C”ompression is a highly researched and proven technology when employed correctly. It improves not just recovery but your performance while having them on. Compression pumps out the lactic acid that gets built up during exercise and improves recovery. “I”ce decreases inflammation and brings in fresh nutrient-filled blood. “R”est and “E”levation are obvious but often neglected. The direct therapy lives in the Compression and Ice and this led me to specialized pants that perform compression and ice all at once.

After exploring the options on compression pants, scouring the scientific research as I normally do, and making some phone calls, I settled on Compression Pants by 110% Play Harder. What is unique about these compression pants is that it incorporates both the concepts of compression and the proven technology of hydrotherapy and ice. It has pockets strategically placed along the major muscle groups and each pair of pants, coming with highly efficient ice packs that maintain their cold temperature for the appropriate amount of time based on research. The compression itself improves stability while exercising, helping with form and function, and limiting injury. Right after exercise, you immediately start recovering! You simply keep the pants on, slip the ice packs in the pockets and go about your day if needed. You only need to keep the pants and ice on for about 20 to 60 minutes. I keep mine on for an hour with the ice. It’s convenient and easy and fast! Chose from shorts, juggler knickers, or long pants. This would depend on the type of exercise you do or what your goals are. I chose the juggler knickers, just below the knee for weight lifting. Bike riders may chose to get the shorts.

I have been using them now for over a month and have directly seen the benefit of quicker recovery times, fresher muscles, and less soreness overall. I have had a few patients get the pants and it is improving their recovery too! One patient puts in over 60 miles a week on his bike and the pants have been fabulous for his recovery because he can get the ice on right away. The pants come with an insulated bag that keeps the ice cold for hours.

Do yourself a favor and start focusing on recovery from your exercise and get a pair of compression pants! These pants can help you even if you are not exercising. Use them on long plane flights or while you are walking around the house. Compression is a proven technology for poor circulation in the extremities and leg varicose veins.

To Your (Optimal) Health,

Dr. Robinson

ps Look out for more tips on exercise recovery coming your way!

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