Early Detection Starts with Thermography

Thermography is a great service to utilize when it comes to detecting signs of disease and illness. What exactly is it? Thermography is a safe, non-invasive test that used infrared pictures to detect heat patterns in the skin. What makes thermography so great is that it does not use radiation, its painless,  the tool does not make contact with the body and it is FDA registered.

This service is an excellent alternative to mammograms and for those who are sensitive to the mammogram procedure. This service can detect breast function and abnormalities up to 10 years before a mammogram could. Thermography can be a life-saving tool for women.

Thermography isn’t just for early detection of breast cancer, this tool also helps with:

-muscular skeletal injuries

-diagnosis inflammation and chronic pain

-early detection of arthritis, TM, dental infections, fibromyalgia and fatigue

-Diagnosing insufficient blood supply

-Can also help detect IBS and Crohn’s disease

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