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As we age it is quite common for our hormonal balance to become skewed. When that happens, it can be a real challenge to get things right again. You feel it every day in your energy levels, mood, ability to focus. Perhaps you have already talked to your general practitioner about it ? It is very difficult to achieve hormone balance with generic care and overdependence on labs. Our approach is different. We take a systemic approach to treatment of hormone imbalance. Whether its sex hormones like Estrogen and Testosterone, or metabolic function hormones provided by the Thyroid and Adrenals - we take a look at the body and spirit as a whole. We don't rely solely on labs, in fact - we look specifically at how you feel - symptoms, overall patient wellness & energy levels to make our assessment. Once we get lab results, we work directly with you to design and implement a custom treatment plan that addresses symtoms and blood chemistry - a plan that delivers results for YOU.


Sex Hormone Zone

Sex hormone levels drop considerably as we age - bringing with it a host of undesirable side effects. If you suffer from depression, reduced libido, reduced energy and mental focus, Biodentical Hormone Replacement & Sexual Enhancment Therapy will restore your well being & your vitality.

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Thyroid disorders have reached an almost epidemic proportion - they are also highly under-diagnosed. Thyroid hormone is a key player in metabolic balance - if its off you will have issues with weight, mental focus, dry skin, and overall energy level.

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Your Adrenals are the Energy System of your body, they ar responsible for a healthy response to stress and complete energy balance. When this system is faulty it leads to Chronic Fatigue and poor responses to even reasonable amounts of stress. At The Hormone Zone, we offer Energy Systems Medicine , a revolutionary and cutting-edge approach to creating lasting energy despite the stresses of life while achieving peak performance.

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In addition to our specific expertise in primary hormonal care - Sex Hormones, Thyroid and Adrenal Function , we also look at your entire well being as a whole. The hormone and endocrine system is intensely complex - and over time the feedback and hormone production systems become weakened or even compromised due to age, stress, lifestyle, diet, even excersize. Imbalance in other hormones such as Insulin, Cortisol, Growth Hormone, and many others can also negatively effect the way you feel and perform - even effecting your weight, energy levels and skin tone. We work very closely with you and measure progress to get your wellness, energy levels and vitality - back on track.



Growth Hormone Zone

As we age, growth hormone levels decline - it triggers the aging process - even accelerating it. Our growth hormone therapy program will help slow down the aging process, help control body fat, improve skin tone, enhance the immune system and improve the body's ability to recover and heal.

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Insulin Zone

Insulin is one of the most important hormones our bodies manufacture - we literally would die in hours without it. Anomolies in the insulin regulation system will manifest itself as weight gain, high blood pressure, poor energy levels, and an overall feeling of poor health. Our programs are life changing.

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One would not think a hormone specialist would also promote skin care and cosmetic procedures, but quite often hormonal imbalance will effect the way your skin looks, and so we have created Dermezone™to restore and revitalize your skin and youthful vibrance.

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  • MARY H.

    Dr. Robinson deals with the total person and explains ME to ME in easy to understand composition. This is the most awesome doctor and truly cares about each patient that he sees. He pulls all aspects of life together in THE HORMONE ZONE.

  • LARRY C.

    Truly a master of his craft. You can tell immediately that he loves to speak.

  • SARAH B.

    Thank you Dr. Robinson for being so compassionate with all of my issues and helping my husband too! We are having the time of our lives!