TeleHealth and the Virtual House Call

House Calls are back…virtually.

The Hormone Zone understands the importance of access to optimal results, any time, any place. We bring the same Hormone Zone Patient Experience to you virtually in the privacy of your home or office.

Getting Started is Easy!

For our Arizona patients, we have the option for our lab service to conveniently come directly to your home or office to perform a simple blood draw that will be covered by your insurance.

Some of our testing is done through at-home test kits, that will also be conveniently shipped to you.

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The age of real time diagnostics and health status monitoring is here.

Medical monitoring equipment can be delivered to your home to allow for real time monitoring of your health status, such as blood pressure, pulse rate, heart rate variability, electrocardiogram (ECG), pulse oximetry (oxygen analysis), sleep analysis, resting body temperature, body composition, and more. Depending on your personal need, we will determine what solutions are best for you.

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Utilizing all of your health data and blood analysis, your Hormone Zone Physician will guide you through your unique health status and provide an instant Health Plan.

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We utilize a streamlined patient-friendly HIPPA-compliant platform that is only a click away to your Virtual House Call. No download is needed, it is free to use, and can be used securely anywhere in the world on any device.

A virtual video platform allows a more personal experience and with options like screen-sharing, you will have an easier understanding of your lab analysis and health status data.

We will provide you with an appointment and you will receive a text or email with a simple link to click to enter the virtual waiting room. It’s that easy.

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After your Virtual House Call, your prescription medications and physician grade supplements and other health tools will be conveniently and quickly delivered directly to your home.

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* Virtual House Calls are available for any established patient at The Hormone Zone. If you are a New Patient, we welcome you to visit us at the office for your initial evaluation and consultation. To establish yourself as a patient, the first visit is required to be in person. From that point on, future visits can be solely through Telehealth and virtual.

Please contact us for more information on how you can get your Virtual House Call today.