Special Pricing

$95 TriMix Consultation

Most men wait up to two years to seek treatment for ED. Stop waiting, and take control of your health today.

TriMix penile injections are tailored deliberately to address the variety of factors that could be contributing to your ED. For just $95, you will receive a consultation with one of our physicians, and an in-office TriMix test dose. New patients also receive a blood draw with testosterone labs.

Take the first step today towards restored intimacy, confidence, and performance.

*Special pricing ends 6/30/24.

O-Shot with Vampire Facial Add-On

For the month of June, The Hormone Zone is gifting ladies the world-renowned O-Shot in combination with a Vampire Facial add-on for $2,000. The O-Shot is known to help vaginal incontinence, dryness, and so much more.

*Vampire Facial add on includes a microneedling facial only, no injections or lift. Special pricing ends 6/30/24.

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