Exosome Acellular Rejuvenation

One of the important components in regenerative medicine is using the cellular product called Exosomes. Exosomes are
small vesicles in the body that transfer DNA, RNA and important immune proteins thereby altering the function of the target cells. Exosomes mediate cell-to-cell communication, and are involved in many processes including immune signaling, cell growth, tissue regeneration, and the stress response. Exosomes can travel anywhere in the body and even
cross the blood brain barrier.

What are the advantages of exosome rejuvenation?

  • Can be used for local and systemic applications
  • Ability to cross the Blood-Brain-Barrier (BBB)
  • Easy controlled dosage
  • No chance of genetic mutations or Cancer-linked mutation
  • No risk of clumping
  • Fresh source-No risk of culturing and contamination
  • No risk of negative immune reactions

Therapeutically, one of the main reasons to use Exosomes is improving the CELL SIGNALING to Stem Cells.

Stem Cells work better if there is something present to communicate with it. Exosomes properly communicate with Stem Cells to improve their function.

DISCLAIMER: EXOSOMES should NOT be used with patients that have cancer, have suspicion of a tumor, macular degeneration with neovascularization, acute bacterial infections, recent dental surgeries, sickle cell disease,
bone marrow dysplastica, myeloproliferative disease, or primary pulmonary hypertension.

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