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I would tell anyone I know to visit this office

I am writing this review as a medical professional who is EXTREMELY familiar with hormone clinics and all the various local establishments – and I want to help people understand what makes the Hormone Zone so special. First, Dr. Robinson and his wife are both 100% dedicated to this practice – and they stay in their lane – they are not trying to “treat everything” but instead very dedicated to what they do and have become “super-specialists” in their field. Most hormone offices have a physican who is the “medical director” but really doesn’t talk to the patients much, but instead has their staff, including nurses, medical assistants, etc give the standard treatment as dictated by their medical board. What the Hormone Zone does, is personalize everything, by seeing, talking to, really understanding the patients and their needs – the doctors here are able to use more than just symptoms to treat and diagnose, but come up with solutions to fit individuals’ lifestyles. They understand that people want individualized treatment, solutions that fit easily into their lifestyle and make it easy to be adherent, and they only want people who are serious and want to feel their best. They handle taboo topics, and are dedicated to standing out in their field. So yes, you can find someone else who can give you cookie-cutter hormone treatment that is less expensive, you won’t get personalized solutions for someone who is dedicated to not just what the test results show up as in your lab work – but getting people to feel good about themselves. They do more than I see most physicians who own their own practices do (probably bc their hormones are on point and they have the energy) but also because when you are good at something – it’s fun. So don’t get turned off by the bad reviews, you get what you pay for. I hope this practice continues to succeed and grow and I would tell anyone I know to visit this office.

Satisfied Patient