NutriZone Zinc Core

NutriZone Zinc Core


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Zinc is an essential mineral found in every body cell. It is essential for a wide range of physiological functions and is an important cofactor for more than 200 enzymes, more than any other mineral.

These lemon-flavored zinc lozenges are truly superior-tasting supplements for both children and adults. They contain zinc in the citrate form to support immune system function. The lozenge form also works well to support the tissues of the throat.

Zinc supports:

  • Superoxide dismutase activity, an important antioxidant enzyme
  • Immune system health and function
  • Collagen formation, bone health, and muscle function
  • Normal cell division
  • Normal growth and development
  • Brain development and nerve function
  • Insulin activity, carbohydrate metabolism, and amino acids synthesis
  • Enzyme and hormone synthesis and function
  • Heavy metal detoxification and liver detoxification processes