Lulu is originally from Cincinnati, but has been living in Scottsdale, Arizona since 2011. She loves the weather and natural beauty of Arizona but misses the changing seasons and her family back in Ohio. She studied at The University of Cincinnati, focusing on Spanish Language and Literature, spending 2 semesters in Spain.

Lulu has worked in the health and aesthetic field for over 14 years, and she loves to help people feel and look their best.

She has previously experienced hormone problems herself since 2008 when her daughter was born. After going through surgery to remove her pituitary gland, Lulu had lost all hormone function. She began seeking hormone therapy from different doctors in Arizona. Since becoming a team member at The Hormone Zone, Lulu realized how important hormone health is, and how finding the right doctor is important!  The doctors and staff at The Hormone Zone treat their patients like family and take hormone health very seriously, as hormone health equals health and wellness.