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From the very beginning as a naturopathic doctors our focus and passion has been body and spirit wellness. When we set out to build this practice, our main goal was to provide a highly personalized, more "spa like " experience to our patients. We promote calm and comfort, not anxiety. What sets us apart from traditional allopathic medicine is we listen to you. We study your particular symptoms and we design a custom treatment based solely on how YOU feel. We use natural, bio-identical hormones and nutrients - these are absorbed and processed more effectively with fewer side effects for effective hormonal and metabolic balance.
_ John A. Robinson, NMD & Cristina Romero Bosch, NMD_

Our Approach

    We aim to do things a little differnt than most doctors. You probably have noticed our website does not look like a traditional medical site. You'll also see that the minute you walk through the doors of our practice - we try to achieve more of a spa like atmosphere than that of a doctor's office. That is only the begining ! We are all about balance, lifestyle, and well being.

    Our goal at The Hormone Zone is to spend time with you - to fully understand your symptoms and to help you develop goals for better well being. Your body's hormone system is a very complex and sensitive system - over time it changes and can "drift". We help you identify and correct that drift by studying your symptoms, blood chemistry , and your personal experiences. Once we understand what you are feeling, we work with you one on one to put together a plan to get you back to feeling the way you felt when you were younger.

    Aging does not have to mean feeling old. Hormonal changes and imbalance can cause us to feel tired, fatigued, low on energy and have mental clarity issues. Most or all of that can be reversed if it is determined that hormonal imbalance or insufficiency is at the root cause of it. If you have this feeling that you don't quite feel like you used to , but can't really explain why - and your GP doctor tells you are healthy - it is very likely you may be suffering from hormone imbalance.